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Halstead Jewelry Supplies Goes Green

Halstead recently invested in solar energy and other eco-friendly inititatives to become a more sustainable jewelry supplier.

Read about recent projects at Halstead, an online jewelry supply store, to go green with a major solar energy investment and other office initiatives to help the environment.

Team Halstead has been making great strides in our efforts to go green and become a more sustainable jewelry supplier. We made it a company-wide goal to become more eco-friendly and influence others to do the same. We're proud of our progress! Read on about how Halstead Jewelry Supplies invested in going green.

Sustainability Starts With People

Halstead takes pride in how we care for our employees. Many have been with us for over a decade, with some folks working here for our full 43 years in business! We offer competitive pay, excellent health insurance, profit sharing, generous retirement contributions, lots of paid time off, free jewelry making classes during work hours, extensive training & skill development, and a great workplace culture (with office dogs). Our turnover is extremely low because of all our attention to ethical HR practices.

Ethical Sourcing

We have always done our best to recycle our office supplies and source from environmentally conscious sources. We can't guarantee 100% recycled silver and gold content on the entire line, but most of our products are very close! Precious metals are elemental so you can not empirically test for material provenance. Documenting metal lots beyond the raw material mill stage is still problematic. But, the industry is making progress every year and we are pushing our suppliers to become greener as well.

LED Lighting for Efficiency

The first step to reach our internal goal of going green was changing out all of the fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs. With this change, we have reduced the number of kilowatts used per year by 30,312 kilowatts. The entire process was about a week long with a three-man crew with little disruption to work at Halstead Headquarters. Each fixture was transformed into a LED compatible fixture by changing the fitting from standard light bulb fitting to the LED fitting. Overall, there was only a little adjustment to the color of the lighting and a small adjustment period for the team.

Installing LED lights at Halstead

Water Filtration System to Minimize Waste

The second step was ditching the plastic water bottles and adopting a reverse osmosis system. Pictured is our new water cooler! Installing the RO system was a one-day event with the help of a plumbing company. Most of the staff already had reusable water bottles and coffee mugs in the office, so the transition was incredibly easy and adaptable to our office culture. Plus, the water cooler had a bonus: HOT WATER, too! Now, we do not have huge pallets of water bottles being shipped into headquarters every few months.

Reverse osmosis water system

Solar Energy Investment

Solar panels are the big, big news here at the HQ. It took several months and a large financial investment to install 192 commercial-grade solar panel units. The system covers nearly all of our energy use with solar power from sunny Arizona skies each work day.

Solar panels on Halstead roof

Halstead is one of North America's leading distributors of jewelry supplies. Halstead specializes in wholesale findings, chain, tools and metals for jewelry artists.

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