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Jewelry Carding Services

Easily display jewelry at your retail store with Halstead's jewelry carding services when you orde rfrom our ready to sell collection! ...

Easily display jewelry in your retail store with Halstead's carding services. Carding your jewelry has many benefits and when you have an approved wholesale account with us we'll do the carding for you - just add your own branding!

What is jewelry carding? 

Jewelry for retailers is often sold on cardstock squares or rectangles for easy storage and display. Jewelry cards range in size from about one square inch up to larger cards that are about 4x6 inches. Some wholesale jewelry vendors offer carding services to retail store clients. 

Carded jewelry display with earrings, necklaces, and rings

What are the advantages of jewelry carding? 

Jewelry items are tiny and oddly shaped.  That presents several challenges for retail stores.  

First, retailers worry that jewelry items will disappear from the store through shrinkage and theft. Loose rings and earrings are easy to slip into a pocket or hide in the palm of your hand. Carding makes jewelry items larger. They are less likely to slip through shopping baskets, get lost, or walk out the door. 

Second, it is tough to display small jewelry to shoppers. Jewelry products piled into a small dish or tray look messy. Jumbled items are difficult to see. They are also difficult to properly tag with barcode and price labels for easy checkout. Carding jewelry solves these problems. Jewelry carding positions designs to face forwards. The cardstock provides a large, flat surface area for labeling. 

Third, jewelry carding identifies the type of metal used in the jewelry. This provides the customer with valuable information to help them make a purchase. For example, sterling silver jewelry is highly valued by shoppers. Wholesale silver jewelry commands higher price margins and greater demand. Loose jewelry items appear to be costume jewelry. Carding clearly labels the product so customers can make an informed choice. 

Finally, carded jewelry is often compatible with displays that retailers already have in their stores for other merchandise. Jewelry carding is punched with a hang hole at the top. These cards are compatible with the peg hooks commonly used on slatwall panels, gridwall displays, or countertop carousels.  

Halstead Jewelry Carding Services 

Halstead carries some of our most popular charm necklaces and earrings already carded. These styles are stocked and ready to ship immediately. 

Carded jewelry - earrings and necklaces


Halstead offers private label custom carded jewelry to qualified wholesale accounts. Halstead cards do not show our name or branding. So, you can add your own branding, barcodes, and price labels. To order carded jewelry, follow these steps: 

  1. Contact us via email, phone, or text and ask to connect with our carding specialist. She can consult with you on product selections and provide quotes. There is no minimum order for carding. 
  2. Select items from our list of ready-to-sell jewelry products eligible for carding. The carding labor and service charge will be included in your quotation. We charge $1.25 per card for assembly and packaging. 
  3. Confirm the quotation to begin production. 
  4. Turnaround time before shipment will vary depending on the time of year and the size of the order. In-stock items can be carded and shipped within a week most of the year. During the busy seasons, carding may take two to three weeks. Please plan for holidays and promotional seasons in your store. 

For a limited time, we are offering free countertop jewelry display units with initial carding orders over $500 USD shipping inside the United States. Inquire with our service team for details. 

Carded jewelry on a countertop display

DIY Custom Jewelry Carding 

Some retailers prefer to order their own custom jewelry cards and packaging to be consistent with their brands. It can be time consuming to card jewelry for display. But, this is a great downtime task for your retail associate employees. Clients often order wholesale jewelry from Halstead and do the carding themselves. 

There are many online printing businesses that specialize in business cards and jewelry cards. A quick internet search will yield many options for custom jewelry cards at an affordable price.  

Learn more about becoming an approved wholesale account at Halstead here.

Written By: Hilary Halstead Scott
Hilary Halstead Scott is the President of Halstead, a wholesale jewelry supply company in Northern Arizona. She is the second generation of Halsteads to own and operate the business. Hilary has an MBA in Marketing and a Masters of International Business.

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