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Wholesale Western Jewelry for Retailers

Western styles have made a comeback thanks to popular TV shows. Consider adding western themed jewelry to your retail store to keep on trend. ...

Western styles have made a comeback thanks to popular TV shows. Consider adding western themed jewelry to your retail store to keep on trend.

The American West is having a moment. Popular shows like Yellowstone drove interest in western fashions and destinations. The romance of the desert calls. Cowboy life has never been quite so sexy.  

Wholesale western jewelry is a top seller for specialty retailers and concept stores. Products offer high margins with low inventory investments. 

Sterling silver cactus earrings and boot charm necklace

What types of retail stores are successful with Western Jewelry? 

Route 66 and American Southwest Gift shops 

Tourist destinations in Southwestern states including Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma have great success with western jewelry merchandise. Themed gift stores near historic Route 66 sell Western themed items. Music festivals in desert destinations fuel interest in the cowboy heritage of the American West.  

Horse & Equestrian Businesses 

There are several small business models catering to horses. Feed & tack stores, boarding stables, and riding lessons are just a few. These retailers find success with simple horseshoe and horse jewelry. Try pairs of earring posts or simple charm necklaces.  

Cowgirl Fashion Boutiques 

Southwestern boutiques cater to women looking for cowgirl fashions. These stores usually already carry jewelry items. Display cases or countertop stands are already in place. Try a few of our bestselling items to round out your store merchandising.  

Southwestern boutique store

Dude Ranches 

Dude ranches offer a taste of cowboy life with experiential vacations. Offer guests special western jewelry keepsakes to remember their adventures on the ranch in the wild west.  

Desert Spas & Resorts 

High-end resorts in places like Scottsdale, Arizona and Palm Springs, California connect patrons with Southwestern desert landscapes. Spa and dining experiences feature the fruits of the desert. Gift shops and beauty boutiques do well with western jewelry designs that match the vibe of the location. 

What other resale opportunities are there for Western Jewelry 

Western jewelry presents business opportunities and fundraiser options for non-profits producing sport and entertainment events. Souvenirs are an important part of the experience. Western jewelry is an easy and profitable choice. 

Horse bucking at rodeo

  1. Rodeos
  2. Equestrian Events 
  3. Horse & Cattle Auctions
  4. Country Music Concerts 

What western jewelry items are most popular? 

Top-selling wholesale western jewelry items are a good place to start. You don’t need many items to create a themed collection of jewelry in your store. At Halstead, we have no minimum order requirement, so it is easy to try it out and see what sells for you. We recommend the following items: 

Based in the Southwest 

**Prescott, AZ western feel stock photo ** 

Halstead is in Prescott, Arizona. Western heritage runs deep in our town. Prescott was the territorial capital for many years before Arizona became a state.  

We are famous for our charming downtown including historic Whiskey Row. The street of saloons boasts a colorful history. The bars were hangouts for some of the West’s most famous characters like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. 

Prescott is also famous for the World’s Oldest Rodeo during our Frontier Days celebrations the week of Independence Day. Come experience a taste of history and Western culture in “everyone’s hometown.” 

Written By: Hilary Halstead Scott
Hilary Halstead Scott is the President of Halstead, a wholesale jewelry supply company in Northern Arizona. She is the second generation of Halsteads to own and operate the business. Hilary has an MBA in Marketing and a Masters of International Business.