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About Us

Telephone Numbers:
Toll-Free: 1-800-528-0535
Local: 928-778-6776
Fax: 928-776-1158

Mailing Address:
Halstead Bead Inc.
6650 Inter-Cal Way
Prescott, AZ 86301  USA
**Not open to the public**

Office hours:
Mon - Fri, 7:30am - 4pm Arizona Time (MST)

Welcome to our new website! This site launched in the summer of 2016. However, we have offered online shopping since 1996 and been in business for 43 years. The new website platform offers many features that we did not have in the past. One example is product reviews. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to help fill in customer reviews on the site at your convenience. Thank you for your input!

Halstead Bead, Inc. got its start in Phoenix in 1973 under the management of Tom and Suzie Halstead and has been owned by the Halstead family ever since. 2016 marked our 43rd anniversary of service to the jewelry trade. We are based in the beautiful mountains of Prescott, AZ.

The Halstead Bead story began when Tom bought a strand of antique African trade beads because of his interest in archaeology and anthropology. He showed his purchase to colleagues at work and immediately had orders from half the women in the office. Tom and Suzie then decided to make jewelry to sell at craft festivals as a hobby. The business continued to grow until they took the plunge in 1975, quit their jobs, and gave the company their full-time attention. Eventually the Halsteads stopped making jewelry and started reselling wholesale beads. The business evolved into a complete jewelry supplies operation that sold to other retailers throughout Arizona and gradually expanded to include clients across the country.

In 1981, the firm moved north to the mountains and tall pines of Prescott, Arizona. After much growth, the company now occupies a new warehouse and office facility that was built in 2004. The second generation of Halsteads is now involved in the business as well. So, expect to see us around for quite some time!

Halstead Bead firmly believes in supporting the dreams of other jewelry entrepreneurs starting out in the industry. To that end the company began sponsoring The Halstead Grant in 2006. The annual jewelry grant is awarded to a new designer each summer.

Halstead is our family name and our company name. Please note that there are other companies in the jewelry trade with similar names that have no association with us. Please note our Prescott, AZ headquarters location, the spelling of the name and that we sell jewelry supplies to artisan jewelers. 

Halstead Bead, Inc. is divided into four distinct departments in order to handle every aspect of the business in the most efficient manner possible.

Customer Service:
These are the individuals whom you know the best because they are on the other end of the phone or internet handling your sales inquiries every day. We are very proud of our Customer Service Team. Please take this opportunity to put faces with the names you already know!

Left to right - Back row: Lori, Brooke & Sharon. Front row: Morgan & Barb.

Our Logistics Team is responsible for moving and processing many TONS of jewelry findings, wire & chain each year. They are responsible for managing our inventory, breaking down stock, and getting your orders to you quickly and accurately. It is exhausting work sometimes, and they do a tremendous job to serve our customers.

Left to right - Back row: Justin, Allen & Brian. Front row: Bob, Amanda & Hiedi

Left to right - Back row: Kevin, Nicole & Cason. Front row:  Lisa & Yvonne.

Our marketing & graphics team is responsible for all advertising campaigns and visual communications. This talented group designs and implements photo, video, digital and print media projects. They are also responsible for our annual catalog which is in productions for eleven months of every year prior to release each January.

Left to right - Back row: Bethany, Katie & Erica. Front row: Mercedes & Janelle.

IT & Admin:
Our administration team is responsible for company management, product acquisitions and technologies management. We stand behind the values our company has had from the beginning. We are very proud of our unique office culture and the relationships we have with employees, customers & suppliers.

Left to right - Back row: Jason & Seth. Front row: Brad & Bryan.

Founders & CEO:
Tom & Suzie Halstead founded Halstead in 1973. It has come a long way in the 40+ years since it was established. Hilary is the second generation of Halstead leadership. She joined the firm in 2002 and brings an MBA, a Masters in International Management and a lifetime of experience in the jewelry industry to the position of President & CEO. Halstead is still 100% owned and governed by the Halstead family.

Left to right: Suzie, Hilary & Tom.

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