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14/20 Gold Filled 6mm OD 18 gauge Open Jump Rings

Qty Price
1 $4.19
10 $35.63
100 $326.97
1000 $3,185.84
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14/20 Gold Filled 6mm OD 18 gauge Open Jump Rings

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Open Little Jump Ring, Open, Open.  Sounds like the Little Glow Worm Song!    Our GJ106 – 14/20 Yellow Gold-Filled 6mm 18 Gauge Open Jump Rings will have you singing merrily along while you work!  Close Little Jump Ring, Fasten, Fasten.  And Hey Presto!  In no time at all, you’ll have another beautiful jewelry piece all finished and ready to go!  Go Little Jump Ring Go!   Find the perfect Gold-Filled Footage Chain to create a wonderful Jewelry Design!

Anti Tarnish: No
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Machine Made
Material: Yellow Gold-Filled
Nation of Origin: United States
Findings & Charms,Jump Rings,Open Jump Rings, Tariff Code: 7113.19.5085
Weight: 0.1140 Grams

Notes: 4# Hard