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Loose Stones Categories

  • Cubic Zirconia Czs

    Loose cubic zirconia CZ calibrated stones for making jewelry.

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  • Lab-Grown Colored Stones

    Lab-grown colored stones are ethically created by man instead of mined. These Chatham stones have more consistent color than natural stones but will still have the subtle variations of natural gems.

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  • Lab-Grown Diamonds

    Our lab-grown diamonds are a popular choice for modern jewelry businesses. These manmade beauties have the same characteristics of natural stones but are created in a lab instead of mined from the earth.

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  • Natural Stones

    Shop loose natural stones for jewelry making. Natural Stones are a great way to add color or flash to your jewelry designs. Try them today!

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Loose Stones

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Step it up and go high end by adding stones to your jewelry collection. Loose calibrated stones for setting or mounting. We offer a wide selection of AAA quality cubic zirconia in different sizes, shapes and colors. Or, shop our brand new line of laboratory-grown gemstones including diamonds and colored stones.

We carry CZ and lab-grown stones because the colors and quality are reliably replicable over time. That makes these sparklers the perfect choice for online sourcing without the ethical uncertainties of mined gemstone alternatives. Know what ou're buying, without question, every time.

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