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Plain Sheet

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Basic metal sheet for metalsmiths to saw, pierce, form or stamp. Stock your studio with mill product for hand fabricating jewelry. Material in this section is not textured or patterned in any way. The metal will be raw and require polishing and finishing steps after your fabrication is complete at the jeweler's bench.

Shop precious metals by the troy ounce as well as base metals by either troy ounce for small volume purchasting, or by the whole 6x12 inch sheet for higher volume purchasing. Please note that sheet metal is priced by the troy ounce, as is standard in the industry. Use the conversion chart on each item detail page to find the dimensions of the piece you wish to buy and the corresponding weight estimate to enter when you buy online. To see a detailed walk-thru of the ordering process and also hear answers to our most popular questions regarding sheet, check out our Video Tutorial: Buying Metal Sheet from Halstead and read the complete article overview below.

How To Buy Jewelry Making Metal Sheet

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