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Setting Tools

Get the jewelry tools you need for setting gemstones such as facet cut gems and cabochons. Stone setting requires patience, skill and practice. You can make custom settings with raw materials or bezel wire and gallery wire. Or, you can use premade stone settings in your jewelry designs. Either way, you will want the right hand tools for setting the stones themselves.

6mm Tube Bezel Setting Tool

$41.94 per 1 Piece Units

1 5/8in Curved Burnisher, 5 3/4in overall length

$3.02 per 1 Piece Units

9.5in Agate Burnisher Knife

$13.33 per 1 Piece Units

5in Bezel Roller with Wooden Handle

$4.19 per 1 Piece Units

4mm Tube Bezel Setting Tool

$41.94 per 1 Piece Units

4.5in Prong Opening Pliers

$25.70 per 1 Piece Units

4in Round Mounting and Stone Gauge, Measures 2-11mm, millimeters on one side, carats on the other

$6.40 per 1 Piece Units

5.5in Gem Setting Pliers

$13.77 per 1 Piece Units

4 1/8in Prong Pusher for Stone Setting, 4mm flat, square end.

$3.14 per 1 Piece Units

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