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Metal sheet is one of the fundamental raw materials used in jewelry metalsmithing. We sell bulk precious metal mill products by the troy ounce as well as base metals by either troy ounce or pound. Shop plain raw sheet material or fancy patterned sheet optons.

We offer the widest selection of sterling silver sheet metal. It is often formed or pierced to create custom jewelry designs in the studio or at the bench. It is available in different thicknesses that are commonly measured in gauges by metalsmiths.

Sheet metal is sold by the troy ounce for bulk raw materials or by the inch for the fancy, pattern sheets. Check the item detail pages for sheet stock items to see instructions on how to order the amount of metal you need.

If you'd like more information on purchasing sheet, watch our video on How to Buy Metal Sheet from Halstead.

Copper 1x6in, 24ga Hammered pattern sheet

$1.58 per 1 Piece Units

6x12in 22ga Copper Sheet (No Cuts)

$12.09 per 1 Piece Units

1 3/8in wide, 24ga Polka Dot Fancy Sheet, 8.7mm Dots

$6.05 per 1 Inch Units

3.25in, 28ga Pyramid Rivet Pattern Sheet

$9.14 per 1 Inch Units

1in, 22ga Flexi-Drape Mesh Sheet

$4.32 per 1 Inch Units

1x6in, 24ga Parquet Pattern Sheet

$0.84 per 1 Piece Units

24ga Sterling Silver Sheet 6-inch wide, see chart

$22.51 per 1 OZt Units

20ga Sterling Silver Sheet 6-inch wide, see chart

$22.51 per 1 OZt Units

1.75in wide 22ga Bubble Pattern Sheet

$9.12 per 1 Inch Units

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