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Tools Categories

  • Adhesives & Gauges

    Jewelry glue adhesives and measuring gauges for your studio business.

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  • Casting Supplies

    Silver casting tools and supplies for your jewelry making studio business.

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  • Files & Abrasives

    Jewelry finishing tools such as metal files and sandpapers

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  • Hammers

    Jewelry hammers you will love to use for fabricating, texturing and forming. Buy now!

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  • Hand Stamping Tools

    Metal stamping tools for making hand stamped jewelry. Shop our selection here!

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  • Metalsmithing Tools

    Jewelry tools for metalsmithing studio use. Find everything you need at Halstead!

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  • Other Tools

    Miscellaneous jewelry studio tools

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  • Packaging

    Jewelry gift boxes, gift pouches and storage bags for your jewelry business.

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  • Pliers & Cutters

    Jewelry pliers and material cutting tools

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  • Polishing Supplies

    Silver polish and jewelry polishing supplies for your studio business. Shop Halstead!

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  • Riveting Supplies

    All the jewelry tools you need for riveting cold connections. Buy now!

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  • Sawing Supplies

    Jewelry sawing tools and supplies for your studio business. Shop Halstead!

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  • Setting Tools

    Jewelry tools for setting stones in your designs. Shop here!

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  • Soldering Supplies

    Jewelry soldering supplies and tools for your studio. Shop now!

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Jewelry tools are an addiction! Our metalsmithing tools & supplies info page is a great place to get started. Every artist needs quality tools for their craft. We carry a wide range of jewelry making tools for wire wrapping, beading, silversmithing, soldering and general assembly. Metal stamps for hand stamping are hugely popular right now. We also offer several starter kits for artists beginning new techniques. A few additional tools can dramatically broaden your design horizons. Keep stretching yourself and explore your creative limits.

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