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Beginner Jewelry Making Projects

We have compiled a list of 8 great beginner jewelry making projects! From wire working and assembly to basic metalsmithing and soldering. ...

If you are interested in jewelry making but are new to the craft it can be intimidating to know where to begin. To get you started we have compiled a list of 8 great beginner jewelry making projects!

Handmade jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Consumers would much rather have a piece of jewelry made by an actual person than by a large company. Many people are learning the craft and starting to create jewelry in their homes. Whether you are interested in wire wrapping, assembly or learning how to solder we have some tips and ideas for you. Browse the articles below to find the perfect beginner jewelry making project!

8 Beginner Jewelry Making Projects

Using Ribbons Or Cords For Jewelry Making

Create charm necklaces and bracelets by learning how to finish the ends of cords and ribbons to attach jewelry clasps.


Turning Your Art Glass Beads Into Jewelry

Learn basic skills and the right tools to use to combine glass beads with sterling silver jewelry findings to create handmade jewelry.

Earrings made with blue beads

Top 5 Tips For Wire Wrapping On Frames

Learn how to choose the right gauge wire, the best tools and expand your wire wrapping skills in this easy jewelry making tutorial.


Intro To Stakes: Fold Forming Leaf Earrings

Improve your metalsmithing skills and learn how to make leaf earrings using the fold forming technique.

Fold formed copper leaf earrings

4 Ideas For Embellishing Ring Bands

Learn how to create statement rings by combining finger ring blanks with links, rivets and other findings.


4 Trendy Earring Ideas

Combine earring findings such as clutches, posts, earring jackets, drop rings and tassels with jump rings to create 4 different styles of dangle earrings.

Dangle earrings

 6 Steps To Make Cuff Bracelets

Use basic metalsmithing techniques such as filing, forming, texturing and finishing to create a cuff bracelet.


Soldering Half Round Wire & Pattern Wire For Rings

Create stacking rings by learning how to shape, solder and finish sterling silver wire.

Group of rings made from fancy and pattern wire

Written By: Kelli Vanyek Greene
Previous small jewelry business and gallery owner. Passionate about bringing the jewelry community together and supporting small businesses. Marketing & Creative Manager at Halstead.