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Jewelry Studio Organization Tips

Watch our jewelry studio organization tips video for great ideas to keep your workspace functional and comfortable. Keep tools at your fingertips.

Keep your jewelry studio space organized with our tips and ideas!

Get organized!

Here are some great organization tips that we use in the Halstead studio to keep our benches clean and tidy.

In this episode, we're in the Halstead studio with ideas and suggestions on keeping your jewelry studio space organized and efficient.

1. Avoid Drawers - It's easy to get things lost or shoved in the back.

2. Peg Boards - These are very handy! You can choose different hooks and brackets to hang your supplies on.

3. Jars - Great way to clearly see your tools and be able to grab them quickly.

4. Magnetic Stripping - attach to a shelf and hang lightweight saw blades and files from it.

5. Organizers - An inexpensive purchase to keep your pliers and attachments nice and neat.

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Visit us at halsteadbead.com for all your tools and supplies to keep your jewelry studio organized.

Do you have any great organizational tips? Share them with us and we'll post them in this article. Email our studio coordinator Erica Stice at studio@halsteadbead.com. We’d love to hear from you. Sorry, studio support is not available by phone. Emails only please.