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Studio Art Degrees with Jewelry Concentration

Studio Art Degrees with a concentration in Metals/Jewelry Ball State University BFA & MFA Visual Arts - Metals Concentration Associate Profe ...

Are you interested in completing a bachelors degree in fine arts? There are so many great schools across the country that offer studio art programs that have a concentration in small metals and jewelry.

Studio Art degrees are generally multidisciplinary with more exposure to different art mediums than programs that are focused on small metals or jewelry as a major. Every college has a different curriculum but most will have students take studio classes in both 2D and 3D mediums and then have a group of 4-6 classes that are in their specific concentration.

Depending on what your career goals are being a well-rounded artist can be an advantage. Some students have interests in several mediums that they wish to develop in parallel. If you are planning on pursuing an MFA, working in galleries or museums, teaching art, or working for public or non-profit art organizations then a studio fine arts degree is an option to consider.

Below is a list of colleges that offer Studio Art degrees with an emphasis in jewelry. Every school has different facilities and a unique curriculum. All of these metals programs are run by experienced and talented faculty that want to see you succeed. Make sure to click on the school's website to learn more about the degree requirements and find the right fit for you!

Studio Art Degrees with a concentration in Metals/Jewelry

Ball State University

BFA & MFA Visual Arts - Metals Concentration

Associate Professor: Jessica Calderwood

Muncie, IN


Boise State University

BFA Visual Arts - Art Metals

Professor: Anika Smulovitz

Boise, ID


Bowling Green State University

BFA Studio Art – Jewelry and Metals

Program Head & Professor: Tom Muir

Instructor: Marissa Saneholtz

Bowling Green, OH


Earlham College

BA with Studio emphasis in Jewelry/Metals

Richmond, IN


Eastern Illinois University

BFA Studio with 3D emphasis

Instructor of Metalsmithing: Erin M. Rice

Charleston, IL


Georgia Southern University

BFA 3D Studio Art Concentration

Professor: Christina Lemon

Statesboro, GA


Indiana University of Pennsylvania IUP

BFA Studio Art - Jewelry and Metals

Professor: Sharon Massey

Indiana, PA


Missouri State University

BFA 3D Studies

Assistant Professor: Jin A. Seo

Springfield, MO

MSU Denver

BFA in Art - Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing

Area Coordinator: Leslie Boyd

Additional Faculty: John Sullivan

Denver, CO


Southwest School of Art

BFA Studio Art - Metals

Department Chair & Professor: Jillian Sortore

Additional Faculty: Sarah Roberts, Alejandra Salinas Pérez and Laura Quiñone

San Antonio, TX


Texas State

BFA Studio Art - Metals

Professor: Beverly Penn

Additional Faculty: Nicole Deschamps-Benke and Laritza Garcia Janiga

San Marcos, TX


Texas Tech

BFA Studio Art Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing

Faculty: Robly Glover and Nancy Slagle

Lubbock, TX


University of Georgia

BFA Studio Art concentration in Jewelry/Metalwork & MFA Studio

Department Chair: Demi Thomloudis

Additional Faculty: Mary Hallam Pearse, Jeremy Diamond, and Shaunia L. Grant

Athens, GA


University of Texas at El Paso UTEP

BFA Studio Art - Metals

Program Head & Assistant Professor: Jess Tolbert

El Paso, TX


University of the Arts

BFA Craft & Materials concentration in Jewelry/Metals

Faculty: Mallory Weston and Rod McCormick

Philadelphia, PA

*Please note this program is not currently accepting applications


VCU Arts

BFA Craft Material Studies in Metal/Jewelry & MFA Jewelry/Metalworking

Metals Area Coordinator - Kathleen Kennedy

Additional Faculty: Susie Ganch and Sarah Parker

Richmond, VA

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Written By: Kelli Vanyek Greene
Previous small jewelry business and gallery owner. Passionate about bringing the jewelry community together and supporting small businesses. Marketing & Creative Manager at Halstead.