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Sterling Silver 1.3mm Flat Cable Chain Footage

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120 $15.37
600 $68.71
1200 $130.19
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Sterling Silver 1.3mm Flat Cable Chain Footage

In music, flat, or bemolle (Italian for “soft B”) means lower in pitch.  Flat accidentals are used in key signatures of F major / D minor and so on.

This little, Italian sterling silver 1.3mm flat cable chain is just that – meant to be used in your key signature jewelry pieces.  It will play brightly, beautifully. 

Anti Tarnish: Yes
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Machine Made
Material: Sterling Silver
Nation of Origin: Italy
Chain,Footage,Flat Cable Footage, Tariff Code: 7113.11.1000
Weight: 0.95 Grams per Inch

Notes: Chain link inner diameter is too small for a jump ring, must solder on ends or crimp and glue. Bulk chain is priced per inch. All chains are sold in 12 inch minimum quantities unless a 10 foot minimum is noted. We may use segments of 7 inches or longer to fulfill your order if continuous lengths are not available. Spooled lengths are segmented at the factory so we cannot guarantee continuous lengths of any specific measure.
Chain Specifications
Link Thickness: 0.68mm
Link Thickness: 22ga
Link Width Diameter: 1.50mm
Link Length: 2.0mm
Inner Diameter: .31mm
Grams per Inch: 0.95g
Embellishment Width Diameter: n/a
Chain Notes: n/a