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Stone Settings

Premade settings and materials for custom settings to mount stones in your jewelry designs.

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Our gemstone setting supplies include everything you need, from sterling silver settings for loose stones to fine silver bezel strip wire and more. Choose our premade gemstone settings for calibrated stones or create your own custom settings with our bulk gemstone setting supplies.

Use our tube setting tools to expertly set stones quickly and easily.

Our tube settings have carefully-made seats to make it easy to set your calibrated stones. They're available in sterling silver, gold-filled and 14kt gold. Tube settings are unfinished, so you'll need to solder yours to a ring shank or other foundation before setting any stones. We recommend plating gold-filled after soldering and before stone setting. Use our tube setting tools to expertly set stones quickly and easily. Just place the face of the tool over the stone and strike the tool gently with a hammer. The side of the tube setting bend inward in an even circle to hold your stone in place.

Prong settings have small tines that extend upward from a base. The prongs can be bent downward to hold a stone in place. The SEC series is specially made for cabochons, with low-walled sides that show off as much of the stone as possible. The SEF series has notches to hold the stone's girdle in place and deep baskets for maximum light refraction.

Both SEC and SEF collections contain setting heads, which you can solder onto a ring shank or another base, along with charms that have loops at the top and pendants with bails. We sell a variety of stone setting tools to make prong-setting easier.

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If you want to create your own custom settings for stones, we can help you with that! We sell fine silver bezel in addition to sterling silver gallery wire for creating your own bezel settings. For a basic custom setting, you'll need a piece of metal for the back plate that's slightly larger than your stone, plus, bezeling wire and a soldering set-up.

Bezel strip wire and gallery wire is available in different widths that you choose based on how much you want it to extend over the top of your stone. You'll need to decide if you want a plain or decorative look.

The easiest way to determine how much you'll need is to wrap a string around your stone.

Bezel strip wire and gallery wire is sold by the inch. Basic styles are also sold by the troy ounce for volume users. The easiest way to determine how much you'll need is to wrap a string around your stone. Overlap the ends by 2-3mm and mark it. Then, place your string against a ruler to determine the length you'll need.

To make a custom bezel setting, solder the ends of the bezel strip wire or gallery wire together. Pickle and quench. Place your stone through the wire a few times to make sure it's going to fit. Then, solder the wire to the back plate. Pickle and quench. Use a saw or shears to cut the back plate around the base of the bezeling wire – or you can leave extra metal as a design element. File as necessary. Solder a bail, ring shank or other jewelry finding to your bezel. Pickle, quench and polish. Finally, place the stone inside your bezel setting. Use a bezel roller and/or burnishing tool to press-in the sides evenly around the stone.

Buy jewelry settings now and get started making your stone setting idea a reality.

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