March 25, 2021 / Photography & Video

5 Video Marketing Ideas for Your Jewelry Business

Increase interest and engagement on your website and social media feed with these 5 jewelry marketing video ideas. ...

Increase interest and engagement on your website and social media feed with these 5 jewelry marketing video ideas.

Welcome to Part 3 of our Utilizing Video for Jewelry Marketing series. In Part 1 we interviewed two of our Halstead Grant winners, Christina Grace of TIN HAUS and Emma Hoekstra of Emma Elizabeth Jewelry, to see why video content is so important for your marketing strategy. For Part 2 discussed how to create your own jewelry marketing videos from concept to posting. 

Now that you know why videos are important for jewelry marketing and how to make them, you may be wondering, what should you make? 

While there are many types of videos out there, these are the main types that you as a jeweler may want to implement on your website or social media feed. 

  1. About Me / Meet the Jeweler
  2. Process Video
  3. Product Videography
  4. Engagement
  5. Fun

1. About Me / Meet the Jeweler

These types of videos are useful for jewelry businesses that have their own websites. Many give a behind the scenes look at a jeweler’s making process from the design process all the way to the finished product being modeled with most of the video focused on the jeweler in the studio. The jeweler generally provides a voice over narration, giving the audience an insight of the jeweler's world. While most typically have a higher production cost and will take more time and effort to make, About Me videos have a long shelf life, so you can make one and not have to worry about updating it every month or year.

You can also do short fun ones made specifically for social media that are easier to produce and more off the cuff. Doing selfie style shots while working at your bench and then showing your other daily surroundings can give your audience a fun new look at a day in your life. 

Why should you make one?

About me videos are a great way to make a connection with your customers. People love seeing the face behind the brand, hearing your voice adds a special element. They provide a way to tell your business’s message directly to customers who you may never meet in person - which is even more important in this digital age. 

You are also able to give an in-depth look at the work it takes to make each piece, a subtle way to show your customers that your jewelry prices are well placed. 

2. Process Video

Similar to the ‘About Me’ video in that it gives your customers a behind the scenes look at the process of making your jewelry. This type of video is less about making a long lasting piece and more about engaging your customers on social media. People love seeing how things are made and jewelry is no different, especially those who have no jewelry making experience themselves. Who could have thought that sheet of metal could turn into such a beautiful pendant!

These videos are great for your social media and can easily be posted with regularity. They also don’t require a lot of production and editing - most of them can be shot on your phone with jump cuts of the different steps in making the piece (design, prep, cutting & filing, soldering, finishing, and finished piece). Instagram now makes it easy to add royalty free music to reels and stories so you don’t have to worry about getting an editing app to make the videos. 

Why should you make one?

Here’s a scenario for you: A person stops by your booth at a craft market and a certain piece catches their eye. They talk to you about it for a bit but are on the fence about buying it and decide to wait. To make sure they don’t just forget about your store the moment they leave, you can give them your business card which includes your social media handles.

But even that may not be enough, they’ll be seeing dozens of booths today, how do you make sure your card doesn’t end up at the bottom of the pile? Tell them that a month before you posted a video on your instagram that shows how the piece they liked was made - now there is a hook to get them to check out your social media. Now not only do you have a better chance of getting another social media follower, but a better chance of getting a paying customer who engages with your social media.

3. Product Videography

How do you give online customers a more intimate look at your jewelry when they’ll never see it in person before buying it? With video of course! 

Depending on where the video is posted, they can be either low or high production. For social media videos where you’re showing off brand new pieces or how a set of earrings look while worn all you need to do is shoot on your phone. For video that accompanies product images on your website you’ll want the video to have a higher production feel. 

Why should you make one?

Videos are much more eye catching and engaging to customers, so they’re an easy way to both promote your jewelry pieces while attracting more engagement on social media. Pieces that have specific kinetic properties such as twirling or sparkling with movement are especially important to show in video, customers will never be able to see those properties properly through a photograph. 

4. Engagement Videos

These are social media videos made specifically for interacting with your audience. While “Live” videos are the more obvious option for interaction, you can still engage with your audience without going live by posting a video that gives an update about you or your business with an element that gets them to engage in some way. One scenario would be a video announcing the release of a new beach themed line. At the end you could ask the viewers to comment with their favorite beach experience. Or another option would be to ask if an item from the new line reminds them of a beach they’ve visited and why. 

Why should you make one?

Today’s business world is all about making connections and interacting with your customer. Customers love to see the face(s) behind the brand, and the more engaging and realistic you are, the more customers will feel a personal connection and begin to see you more of an internet friend than a brand.

Live videos are also a great way to give customers a more intimate look at a product they would never see in person before buying. Video is a much better way to show off an item’s size and weight, and during a live session a potential customer can ask you to put on a pair of earrings to see how they fall to the shoulder or if they will hang heavy on the ears. 

5. Videos for Fun

While similar to the Engagement videos where you are trying to make a connection with your customer, the Fun videos aren’t about driving the customer to interact with the video but giving them something to laugh about or create a spark of joy when they watch. 

With these you can let your creativity run wild and your items don’t have to be the main subject. Some fun videos to try would be “A Day in the Life of (Studio Pet),” music video parodies, even do a mock “in-depth interview” with yourself - anything that is both fun for you to make and fun for your customers to watch. 

Why should you make one?

These types of videos are a great way to give your business and social media a human touch. Even with a serious brand, customers love seeing a little bit (or a lot) of humor. People go on to social media  to be entertained, so throwing in some fun posts along with your regular ones will not only get more people to engage with the fun stuff, but to actively engage in with your other posts. 

We've given you a few ideas, but there are many more types of videos you can make. Just keep in mind that no matter what type you try for, any video content will be great for your social media. 

Happy creating! Show us the videos you make by using the hashtag #HalsteadMakers in your posts!

Written By: Janelle Hinesley
Janelle Hinesley is the senior graphic design ninja and photographer at Halstead. She has over a decade of experience in both fields and loves to share her knowledge with jewelers to help them grow their businesses. Her pup Koda loves being the unofficial ‘squeaker tester’ of the Halstead Jewelry Studio.