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Kristen Baird is the owner and designer behind Kristen Baird Jewelry based in Savannah, GA. In addition to many other awards in her career, she won the Halstead Grant in 2017.

Articles by Kristen

How to Build Nonprofit Partnerships for Your Jewelry Business

Jeweler and business owner Kristen Baird walks you through how to partner your jewelry business with nonprofits. She gives advice, tips, and first-hand experience so you can make the partnership mutually beneficial.

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Building Your Jewelry Business Through Transitions

Kristen Baird, owner of Kristen Baird Jewelry, talks about building your jewelry business through major transitions. She gives helpful advice from her own experiences of taking her business from hobby to full time, hiring her first employee, building a family, and more, so that you can be successful on the other side.

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Tips to Start Offering Custom Jewelry lock

Thinking of offering custom work but don't know where to start? Check out these tips from Kristen Baird on how to approach custom work to make sure you and your clients both have a great experience.

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Building a Contractor Team for your Jewelry Business lock

When you're ready to hire help for your jewelry business tasks, consider building a team of independent contractors. Read through Kristen Baird's experience of hiring her team and her tips to help you successfully hire your own team.

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