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Add Meaning to Your Jewelry with Birthstones

Birthstones are a meaningful addition to jewelry designs. Consider different ways to add this element to your collection.

Learn about birthstones and their meanings in our latest Halstead Jewelry Blog.

Birthstones make it easy to create jewelry with special meaning, from mother's pendants to grandma's bracelets and more. They fit right in with the current personalized jewelry trend, but birthstones also have a timeless quality that makes them perennially popular.

Did you know that birthstones are a fairly modern tradition with ancient roots? Many sources trace the idea of birthstones back to a biblical passage that pairs a different gemstone with each month of the year. People began wearing those stones during specific months. Over the centuries, the tradition has evolved into our modern-day custom of wearing a single stone to symbolize our birth month or the birth month of a loved one. A standardized list of stones and corresponding months was developed in the early 1900s.

Birthstones and their colors have also acquired associated attributes over time. These are based on a combination of ideas, from historical significance of stones to psychological meanings of color. Some are listed below. You might choose to make a piece of jewelry that symbolizes something you want to communicate, such as unity (aquamarine) or renewal (emerald) rather than focusing on the birthstone itself.

Here are the standard birthstones and associated attributes for each month:

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