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Using Tube Bezel Settings in Your Jewelry

Tube bezels are a beautiful and simple way to add faceted stones to your jewelry designs. Learn more about them and find some inspiration. ...

Easily make a variety of jewelry designs sparkle with tube bezel settings. Learn more about these versatile findings and find project inspiration to try out.

When you want to easily add a touch of sparkle to your jewelry projects, look no further than tube bezel settings with CZs. These settings are easy to use and add a beautiful, professional finish to your jewelry designs.

About Tube Bezel Settings

Tube bezels are one of our favorite pre-made stone setting findings at Halstead. These settings give calibrated faceted stones a bezel set look when added to your jewelry. Adding a tube bezel set CZ adds a great dimensional design element to your jewelry in addition to the touch of sparkle. Using a CZ also adds perceived value to your jewelry piece as customers enjoy the added touch! Tube bezels are also a little heavier weight and will generally need to be soldered to your design. It's a great design alternative to prong setting stones.

Tube Bezels are Simple

Using tube bezels in your jewelry is simple! Once you decide where in your design the tube bezel will go, simply solder it on. To set a stone, the tube bezels have a pre-cut seat to help your stone stay level and allow you to easily set. We recommend using a tube setting tool with a hammer. These make the process quick and easy for any skill level. While Halstead no longer sells these tools, a similar set is available at Melissa Muir also has a tutorial of how to use these tools. You can also use a bezel pusher and burnisher to set your stones.


Tube bezel settings can be added to a wide variety of jewelry projects. Easily add them to blanks of any shape or size - including cuff and ring blanks! You will want to add them to your project after doing any required shaping, I.e. shaping and sizing rings or bracelets.

Melissa Muir Tube Bezel Projects
Some of Melissa Muir's projects with tube bezels. Learn to make these in the videos below.

Make a Ring

Easily create a ring with tube settings using Erica's walk-through. These rings are simple to make but are a great entry price point item.

Make A Variety of Earrings

Melissa Muir is a metalsmith and jewelry teacher. She teaches a selection of online workshops and creates a large variety of free YouTube tutorials to help jewelers understand their tools and inspire their designs. She has created numerous beautiful pieces with tube settings and CZs. Be inspired by some of her simple but beautiful earring projects!

These threader earrings can be made with any small blank and a tube bezel or two. Pick a CZ size and your choice of blank then solder the tube bezel on. Our ear threads come with an attached loop, so it's easy to add a jump ring and slip your blank on!

Try making earrings from scratch with this tutorial from Melissa. She uses thick square wire as a base for her tube bezels then creates custom earwires to complete the look.

Easily create a piece with dimension and sparkle by adding a tube bezel to a fun shaped blank. Add the blank to your favorite earring findings to create a fun and easy pair of earrings. You might even want to make it a set with a matching necklace!

Add To Other Charms

When you're ready for an extra challenge, try soldering your tube bezel setting in the center of a charm to add an extra touch to it. Melissa added a tube set CZ to a flower soldering charm to make it pop on this set. Then she added the flower charms to half moon blanks and chain for an amazing dangly look.

Get Started with Tube Bezel Settings

Ready to make jewelry with tube bezels? Halstead offers tube settings in sizes from 2mm - 8mm in sterling silver, gold-filled, and 14kt gold. Be sure to check out our CZ stone options in a variety of colors from 2mm - 6mm.

Got questions? Email our studio coordinator Erica Stice at We'd love to hear from you. Sorry, studio support is not available by phone. Emails only, please.

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