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Wirework Bracelet Making by Brenda Schweder

Learn how to use a wire jig tool to make stunning wirework bracelet designs out of bulk jewelry wire. Brenda Schweder offers tips for success. ...

Brenda Schweder shows how you can use her jewelry making jig tool, Now That's a Jig!, with jewelry wire to make gorgeous wire work bracelet designs.

We reached out to Halstead Preferred Teacher Brenda Schweder to collaborate with us and create a wirework bracelet piece using sterling silver wire. We knew Brenda was a jewelry wire wizard, but this AllFrills Bracelet was even more gorgeous than we could have imagined.

Schweder is a jewelry artist, teacher and inventor of the Now That's a Jig! and Now That's a Pliers!. She has been part of our Preferred Teacher Program for the last 4 years and we love to see what beautiful wirework creations she can make with our jewelry supplies.
Wirework Bracelet by Schweder
This AllFrills wirework cuff bracelet by Brenda was JigUFactured on Now That's a Jig!, using both Sterling silver round and hammered wire (16g) for contrast (with 28g for binding). The outer and inner elements are created from the same peg setup, then hammered and bound. As with the majority of Brenda's designs, she utilizes cold-connections only for designers who aren't comfortable with--or simply don't--solder, but the elements can also be soldered or welded. The clasp is one in design with the whole and relies on a tension connection. You can find the template for this cuff and other pieces by Brenda at

Now That's a Jig setup
Brenda Schweder's Now That's a Jig setup

Brenda Schweder

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Written By: Kelli Vanyek Greene
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