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wire wrapping

Metalsmith Melissa Muir gives tips on working with jewelry wire and a step-by-step guide on how to create a wire cuff.
May 09, 2019

Jewelry Wire Work Tips from Melissa Muir

by Kelli Vanyek Greene

Learn wire jewelry frame fabrication tips from one of our preferred studio teachers, Melissa Muir. She shows you step by step how to make this gorgeous wire work cuff using Halstead’s Sterling silver supplies and a beautiful cabochon!

Learn how to use a wire jig tool to make stunning wirework bracelet designs out of bulk jewelry wire. Brenda Schweder offers tips for success.
May 07, 2019

Wirework Bracelet Making by Brenda Schweder

by Kelli Vanyek Greene

Brenda Schweder shows how you can use her jewelry making jig tool, Now That's a Jig!, with jewelry wire to make gorgeous wire work bracelet designs.

How do you set-up a wire wrapping studio? From setting up your work area to basic supplies, we cover a lot of information in this article.
May 03, 2019

Setting Up Your Wire Wrapping Jewelry Studio

by Erica Stice

Ready to wire wrap? Get prepared with this article! We've covered the studio area, gauges of wire, beginner tools and some materials that you can use when wire wrapping.

Nealay Patel explores sterling silver earring making supplies in this fun tutorial on how to make beautiful explorer earrings.
March 13, 2018

Explorer Earrings with Nealay Patel

by Katie Hacker

Create stylish tassel hoop earrings with Nealay Patel using sterling silver earring making supplies and beads.

Casey Sheppard of Case of the Nomads shares bangle bracelet making tips to inspire your jewelry collection designs in this tutorial.
August 21, 2017

Tips for Making Bangle Bracelets with Casey Sheppard

by Katie Hacker

Learn tips for making riveted wire bangles with guest contributor Casey Sheppard.

Learn how to select jewelry wire gauge thickness and hardness temper for your material needs in this handy guide to jewelry metals properties.
February 09, 2016

What Jewelry Wire Gauge & Hardness Do You Need?

by Erica Stice

Learn the ins and outs of sheet and wire gauges and metal tempers so you can make the right choices for your jewelry designs. This popular blog post was updated in 2019.

Wire wrapping on frames is a basic wirework jewelry making technique you can learn in an hour and continue playing with for years.
October 09, 2012

Top 5 Tips for Wire Wrapping on Frames

by Hilary Halstead Scott

Learn wire wrapping with frames in this easy jewelry making tutorial to expand your wirewrapping skills. This popular blog post was updated in 2019.

Lern how to finish the ends of ribbons or cords in jewelry making so you can attach clasps on bracelets or necklaces in your jewelry collection.
September 18, 2012

Using Ribbons or Cords for Jewelry Making

by Hilary Halstead Scott

Learn how to finish the ends of ribbons and cords so you can easily attach jewelry clasps. Textiles and leather are great alternatives to chain for the hot holiday pendant necklace trend!