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Bead Chain Footage

Copper and sterling silver bead or ball chain for jewelry making in a number of different sizes. Finish these chains with tension set bead chain connector clasps or soldered end caps. 

1.8-2.2mm Bead Chain Connector Clasp, 3.7x9.3mm Overall Size

$7.30 per 10 Piece Units

1.5mm Ball Chain Footage

$0.55 per 1 Inch Units

2mm Ball Chain

$0.92 per 1 Inch Units

2.5mm Bead Chain Footage

$1.14 per 1 Inch Units

Copper 2.4mm Bead Chain 120in. minimum.

$0.06 per 1 Inch Units

Copper 2-2.4mm Bead Chain Connector Clasp

$1.91 per 10 Piece Units

3.3x9.2mm Bead Chain Connector for 2mm or 2.5mm Bead Chain

$7.53 per 10 Piece Units

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