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Hearts & Love

Jewelry charms with heart and "love" designs. These are some of our most popular wholesale charms. Heart shaped charms are iconic reminders of romance. Spread the love! These items are bestsellers year-round and especially during Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and wedding season. To complete designing your collection you will also need jump rings and wholesale chain.

6.6x7.4mm Tiny Puff Heart Charm

$14.04 per 10 Piece Units

6.5x9mm Puff Heart, Open Jump Ring

$1.79 per 1 Piece Units

8.2x11mm 18ga Heart Cutout Charm, 5.1mm Closed Jump Ring

$6.57 per 1 Piece Units

Love You to the Moon and Back Charm Set, 15.3x24.5mm Moon, 12.7x17.9mm Star, 3.3mm Closed Jump Ring

$29.31 per 1 Piece Units

21.4x23.8mm Scroll Heart Pendant, 4.5mm Hole ID (left) 3.9mm Hole ID (right)

$5.01 per 1 Piece Units

14Kt Gold 8.4x7.3mm Floating Heart Charm, Very Lightweight, Hollow Back

$4.52 per 1 Piece Units

13.8x12mm Large Puff Heart Charm with Closed Jump Ring

$4.96 per 1 Piece Units

22x12.5mm Interlocking Floating Hearts Charm

$4.32 per 1 Piece Units

7.1x14.9mm Rectangular Heart Cutout, Closed Jump Ring

$11.18 per 1 Piece Units

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