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Necklaces are the centerpiece of any jewelry collection.

Necklaces are the largest pieces of jewelry for personal adornment. That means the most space to make a statement with bold materials and designs. Designing a necklace gives the artist the opportunity to get creative and wow the audience.

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Types of Necklaces

What styles of necklaces are there? If you are new to making necklaces, it may help to introduce some of the jewelry making lingo. 

Chain Necklaces

Chains can be worn alone as simple fashion statements or embellished in various ways. A single pendant drop attached to a chain is known as a pendant neck chain. Variations include necklaces with multiple, smaller charms; or, layered necklaces with a single charm suspended from each.

Beaded Necklaces

Designs made with beads and findings strung onto a beading wire or silk thread comprise this category. Beaded necklaces are usually finished with a toggle clasp or that can support the heavier weight of necklace beading. Beaded necklaces range from classic knotted pearl necklaces to intricate seed bead woven accessories.

Forged Necklaces

Choker-length necklaces that hug the collarbone are often forged from a single piece of metal. These collars have a rigid structure and are c-shaped to hang around the neck without needing a clasp. Forged neckpieces may be minimal, or they can be decorated with gemstones.

Bib Necklaces

Bib necklaces may be made from chain, beading, or different materials altogether. The bib necklace style consists of a foundation circlet that clasps around the neck and supports an elaborate “bib” of adornment that suspends from the circlet. Bib necklaces are large, elaborate neckpieces. They are often woven or intricately linked together to create an ornamental curtain effect.

Gemstone Necklaces

Traditional gemstone necklaces are made by bench jewelers who are skilled craftsmen. Faceted gemstones are mounted into settings arranged into thoughtful configurations. A bench jeweler can vary the size, shape, and arrangement of the settings as well as the types of stones for unlimited options.

Finished Chain
Finished Neck Chain

Use a pre-finished chain to make an easy necklace for your collection.

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Footage Chain
Footage Chain

Make custom length necklaces with Halstead's large variety of footage chain options.

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Jump Rings
Jump Rings

Create a stylish cold connection with our selection of open and closed jump rings.

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Clasps and closures
Clasps & Closures

Finish your custom necklace with your favorite lobster clasp, spring ring, toggle and more favorites.

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Necklace Lengths

Aside from the type of necklace design, it is also important to consider length. We explore the different standard necklace lengths in our article Necklace Lengths Guide - How to Measure & Choose a Necklace Length.

Women like to have a variety of necklace lengths in their jewelry collections so they can match their accessories to the necklines in their wardrobe. For example, chokers or princess-length necklaces look best with strapless tops and dresses. Whereas lariat length necklaces complement turtlenecks.

Necklace Making Supplies

Halstead offers a range of necklace making supplies for jewelry artists working in sterling silver or gold-filled. Parts for necklace making, and jewelry making in general, are called jewelry findings.

You will need jewelry clasps for most necklace types. Other essential jewelry findings include jump rings for attachments and crimping beads for beading. We offer thousands of components for you to choose from. Scroll down to get started.

Necklace Making Techniques

There is no single technique for making necklaces. The beauty of the jewelry making artform is that you can approach the craft with so many different approaches. If you are interested in necklace beading techniques, please see our Beading Information Page. To get started with bench jeweler gemstone setting concepts, visit our Stone Setting Information Page. Or, to learn about metalsmithing and forging skills, go to our Metalsmithing Information Page.

Selling Necklaces

How do you sell necklaces if you are interested in starting a jewelry business? You’ve come to the right place! Halstead is a complete resource for small jewelry businesses. Our Blog is full of helpful articles on jewelry business topics such as photography, marketing, and sourcing. Check out some of our jewelry small business content on pricing your work and creating a jewelry collection for resale.

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