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Bulk jewelry wire for wire wrapping and design applications. You will find plain mill products as well as fancy, gallery, pattern and bezel wire in this section. Bead wire and diamond cut wire are especially popular for making shaped connector links out of interesting materials.

We are known for sterling silver wire options but we have many other metals too! All wire products are either sold by the troy ounce or by the inch. Pay close attention to the units of measure for each item. Also, note that some items sold by weight default to less than 1 ounce so you will need to enter your quantity on every item. Our Jeweler's Guide to Gauges and Tempers is a popular resource on wire specifications for jewelry studios.  

Wire is a fundamental raw material in the fabrication of jewelry pieces. Round wire is the most basic form used in the studio to make your own findings such as jump rings and earwires. Or, use it to make custom chain or wirework pieces. Several geometric profiles are drawn from round standard wire for different applications. Square wire is popular with wire wrappers for banding functions so wires fit tightly together. Flat wires are used by metal stampers or engravers to create bangles, ring bands or rectangular blanks that can take a clean stamp impression. In certain sizes and tempers, flat strip is called bezel wire and is used to creat custom cabochon settings. Half-round or low dome wires are used for ring bands or bangles for nice smooth edges for everyday wear. 

Fancy wire varieties may feature embossed designs on pattern wire or delicate filigree cutouts in gallery wire that is frequently used for bezel settings. Even round wire can be embellished with surface effects like diamond cutting, hammering or shaping.

The hardness, or temper, of wire is important depending on your intended use. Half hard wires hold their shape once formed, whereas dead soft wire is pliable and easily manipulated. See the item detail page for each product we sell to view specifications including weight to length conversions, hardness, use recommendations and other information.

Jewelry wire is essential when wire wrapping! If wire wrapping interests you, check out our Wire Wrapping Supplies page for detailed information about wire wrapping, materials, and helpful articles.

For additional details on our wire, please refer to our SDS sheets for gold-filled and sterling silver products. If you are looking for spools of woven beading wire, please see our beads & stringing section.

BULK WIRE POLICIES – Minimum quantity for bulk jewelry wire is 1 ounce per stock number for most metals, or ½ ounce per stock number for gold-filled. Wire orders are filled using pieces weighing at least .25 ounces. We cannot always guarantee one continuous length for the entire amount ordered. It is difficult to precisely weigh small wire coils before making a cut from the larger coil; therefore, please expect plus or minus 10% variance from the precise weight you request. Variance may be more on small cuts.

14/20 GF 20ga .032 Rd Half Hard Bulk Wire

$102.78 per 1 OZt Units

14/20 GF .8mm 20ga Sparkle Wire

$0.71 per 1 Inch Units

14Kt Gold Round Half Hard - 24ga - 55ft/ozt

$6.35 per 1 Inch Units

22ga .025 Square Half Hard Bulk Wire

$36.56 per 1 OZt Units

16ga .051 Round Soft Bulk Wire

$33.16 per 1 OZt Units

22ga .025 Round Soft Bulk Wire

$33.16 per 1 OZt Units

24ga .020 Round Soft Bulk Wire

$33.16 per 1 OZt Units

3mm 17ga Flower Gallery Wire

$1.01 per 1 Inch Units

4.4mm 12ga Berry Flower Pattern Wire

$3.63 per 1 Inch Units

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