Rings and bracelets that are ready to wear or the foundations for embellishment by jewelry artists

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Shop our selection of sterling silver rings & bracelets for your jewelry studio or retail store gift shop.

Gold filled and 14k gold rings are available as well. We offer basic ring bands (also known as ring blanks) or fancy stacking rings in sizes 4-12. Small sizes can be worn as mid or midi knuckle rings. Larger sizes are traditional jewelry making rings for men or women. Ring blanks or bands are a necessity at the jeweler's bench. The simple, smooth form is the perfect foundation for fabricated embellishments. You can saw them to make shanks for settings or use for custom metal stamping or engraving designs. Bracelets, bangles and raw metal cuff blanks in sterling silver, gold filled, copper and brass. Bangle bracelets are a complete, fixed circle shape that you slip over your hand and onto your wrist. These accessories jingle jangle on your arm and move freely. Cuffs are a curved letter "C" shape that you angle onto the wrist from the side of your arm.
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