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Your search for jewelry supplies yielded the following wholesale products. For tips on using our search function most effectively visit our search jewelry supplies tutorial. You may also be interested in our Shop Your Way portal that allows you to easily begin navigating by metal type or nation of origin, for example.

14/20 GF 2.2x5.4mm Small Snap Bail, 2.1x4.6mm ID

$4.18 per 10 Piece Units

14/20 GF 2.7x5.8mm Soldered Bail

$6.12 per 10 Piece Units

7.1mm Stopper Rondell Bail, 3mm Hole, 2mm Closed Ring ID. White plastic core provides stopper functi

$10.59 per 10 Piece Units

3.2x6.4mm Stopper Bail, 1.5mm Hole ID, 1.6mm Open Ring ID

$1.83 per 1 Piece Units

6.8x15.6mm Slab Textured Glue Bail, 3.2x6.1mm Closed Ring ID

$3.84 per 1 Piece Units

6.4x19.6mm Leaf Bail, 2.9x5.6mm Rabbit Ear Closed Rings

$3.55 per 1 Piece Units

4.3x4.3mm Rabbit Bail for Soldering, 1.2x2.6mm Openings

$6.09 per 10 Piece Units

5.2x6.1mm Rabbit Bail for Soldering, 2.3x4.2mm Openings

$13.82 per 10 Piece Units

14/20 GF 6.9mm Rondell Stopper Bead, 2.5mm Hole. Silicone core provides stopper function.

$1.84 per 1 Piece Units

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