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Previous small jewelry business and gallery owner. Passionate about bringing the jewelry community together and supporting small businesses. Marketing & Creative Manager at Halstead.

Articles by Kelli

Multiple Platforms to Sell Jewelry Online

Now more than ever your jewelry brand needs to have a strong online presence. This usually means selling on more platforms than just your website. Whether it’s through your social media pages or a marketplace like Etsy or Amazon, it can be tricky to keep track of everything. I reached out to a few jewelry artists to get some tips on how they maintain all of their platforms and sell jewelry online.

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Balancing Parenting & Your Jewelry Business

Being a jewelry business owner means you are already juggling multiple tasks and trying to find time to execute them all. Now, add in another job that takes even more patience and talks back. Whether you started your business after becoming a parent or had little ones along the way; finding a work life balance that makes the whole family happy can be a struggle.

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Jewelry Business Plan Toolkit

The Jewelry Business Plan Toolkit is the perfect resource whether you are just launching or realizing later in the process that your business needs some attention to get off the ground.

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Discover Jewelry Residencies

Being immersed in your craft, with access to a fully equipped studio while being surrounded by other artists sounds like a dreamy experience. This is what Jewelry Residencies offer.

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Exhibiting in Jewelry Wholesale Shows lock

Is your jewelry business ready to take on wholesale accounts or are you looking to find new retailers for your brand? Learn the benefits of exhibiting your line at a jewelry wholesale show.

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The Craft School Experience for Jewelers

The Craft School experience is designed to be a brief stay at a retreat campus where serious artists can explore a craft while enjoying a beautiful place and the company of like-minded peers.

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Studio Art Degrees with Jewelry Concentration

Are you interested in completing a bachelors degree in fine arts? There are so many great schools across the country that offer studio art programs that have a concentration in small metals and jewelry.

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Jewelry Blogs You Should Be Following

How do you stay on top of what’s happening in the jewelry world? Keeping up to date with jewelry trends and news has never been easier. Follow these jewelry blogs to be in the know with all things jewelry related.

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Jewelry Plating Contractors lock

Are you interested in having a line of your jewelry plated with gold or silver? The process of electroplating can be overwhelming so we made a list of jewelry plating contractors that would be happy to provide the service for you.

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Jewelry Casting Contractors lock

Whether you are ready to start working with a jewelry casting contractor or are just curious to see what services are out there you should check out our list of U.S. companies ready to help out small jewelry businesses.

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Beginner Jewelry Making Projects

If you are interested in jewelry making but are new to the craft it can be intimidating to know where to begin. To get you started we have compiled a list of 8 great beginner jewelry making projects!

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Jewelry Wire Work Tips from Melissa Muir

Learn wire jewelry frame fabrication tips from one of our preferred studio teachers, Melissa Muir. She shows you step by step how to make this gorgeous wire work cuff using Halstead’s Sterling silver supplies and a beautiful cabochon!

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