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14/20 Gold-Filled 6mm OD 21 gauge, Open Jump Rings

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1 $2.74
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1000 $2,085.21
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14/20 Gold-Filled 6mm OD 21 gauge, Open Jump Rings

It’s easy to know the price of something – but wisdom kicks in when you know the value of something.  The GJ86 – a 6mm 14/20 yellow gold-filled 21 gauge open jump ring.   Something small but incredibly valuable to your bulk jewelry supplies.  You have your go-to ear wires and you have your beautifully designed earring drops – but it’s the little open jump ring on which everything hangs.  Literally and figuratively.    Value at a great price!

Temper Chart

Material: Yellow Gold-Filled
Nation Of Origin: United States
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Machine Made
Anti Tarnish: No
Tariff Code: 7113.19.5085
Weight: 0.0600 Grams

Notes: 4# Hard
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