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14.7g Solder Paste for Copper, Brass, Nickel or Bronze.

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14.7g Solder Paste for Copper, Brass, Nickel or Bronze.

This is the ideal paste to use while soldering copper, nickel, brass or bronze! The paste is Cadmium and antimony free and contains flux. Flow point: 430°F.

SDS Sheet

Nation Of Origin: United States
Anti Tarnish: No
Tariff Code: 7419.99.5050
Weight: 40.39 Grams per Piece

Notes: Store open Solder Paste Syringes in an airtight container with a damp sponge to prevent the solder from drying out. If Solder Paste does become dry, remove Solder Paste from syringe and reconstitute with drops of water and then apply solder with a small paintbrush.

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from Carla Fry (2 years ago)

This solder is great to use with copper or brass. The solder color matches well versus using a silver solder.
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