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7 New Jewelry Artists to Discover Today

These 7 up and coming jewelry designers are finalists in the 2011 Halstead Grant for new jewelry businesses. Learn more about them!

Learn about 7 talented new jewelry designers who were finalists in the 2011 Halstead Grant for new jewelry businesses.

Sterling Echoes

Meet the 2011 Halstead Grant finalist, Sterling Echoes of Bend, Oregon. This is a new jewelry line featuring sterling silver etched with abstract designs found in nature and everyday objects. The pieces are simple and beautiful. Jewelry designer Denise Harrison gives a great description of the etching design process on her website.

Bubble Spinning Ring, 2019 Photo Update
Horizontal Beer Speak Necklace, 2019 Photo Update

Denise has a great eye for light and shadow. She translates the essence of striking images into indelible keepsakes. Her items are for sale on the Sterling Echoes website and on Etsy.

I must say my favorite pieces are in the Beer Speak collection. Etched jewelry inspired by beer foam, how cool is that! What boyfriend or husband can resist gifting beer baubles? Maybe matching lager perfume should be available too....

Denise Harrison was also a finalist in the 2010 Halstead Grant competition, under DMH Designs.

Ellen Himic Designs

Meet The Halstead Grant 2011 Silver Finalists, Ellen Himic!

Ellen's intricate jewelry designs have appeared in popular fashion magazines and on several prime time television shows. Her work combines the best of traditional bench jewelry with all that modern technology and CAD design offer to craftsmen in the trade. The elegant designs are ideal for formal occasions.

Garland Ring, 2019 Photo Update
Aziza Pendant, 2019 Photo Update
Maltese Cuff, 2019 Photo Update

Ellen Himic is a graduate of the esteemed Tyler School of Art. Her design studio is in Philadelphia, PA. Her work is inspired by architecture, windows, textures and everyday objects. Ellen's jewelry is primarily sterling silver and vermeil with pearl and gemstones. The line is glamorous yet affordable.[/column]

Most items in Ellen's collection are priced between $90 - $500. Her collections are available online on her website as well as on ArtfulHome.com, MaxandChloe.com and Endless.com. The Ellen Himic collections are also sold at fine jewelry galleries in the Eastern United States.

Filomena Demarco Jewelry

Ashley Vick, 2011 Halstead Grant Silver Finalist knows firsthand that the jewelry industry is a small world. Once an assistant for our first Halstead Grant winner, Ananda Khalsa, Ashley is now making a name for herself with her Filomena Demarco Jewelry brand.

Sterling Silver / Labradorite
Oxidized Sterling Silver / Lavender Smithsonite

Ashley received a BFA in Metals from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Filomena Demarco Jewelry is based in Massachusetts. But, the jewelry is already widely distributed in East Coast boutiques as well as through Etsy and Artful Home.

All pieces are made with sterling silver, gold and the highest quality natural gemstones. Prices range from $125 to $525.

Gogh Jewelry Designs

A strong niche can be the ideal way to launch a jewelry line. Just ask artist Szilvia Gogh, a finalist in last year's Halstead Grant competition. Gogh is the creator of Gogh Jewelry Design in California and an accomplished figure in the world of scuba diving. Gogh combines two of her passions with her jewelry business by joining great design with the marine world.


Her interests in diving and the ocean inspire much of her jewelry line. Gogh Jewelry Design has developed a solid distribution network through dive shops, oceanfront gift stores and yoga studios.

Gogh's jewelry is available at prices ranging between $20 -$250 for sterling silver designs. You can find her work online on the Gogh Jewelry Design website.

Fehrenbach Jewelry

Collection: Eclipse Eye Candy Ring
Collection: First Blush Entwined 2 tone Earrings

Deborah Marie Fehrenbach is inspired by scuba diving and gardening. Her pieces showcase her love of nature with pearls, gems and stones intertwined with gold, silver and copper.

Deborah is the author of "The Art of Resin Jewelry," published by Lark Books. She has studied jewelry fabrication at six institutions including Holland Lapidary School and Revere Academy, where she competed and won a scholarship.

Fehrenbach Fine Art Jewelry can be purchased on-line, at upcoming shows, in galleries, boutiques and fine jewelry stores.

Kendra Renee Jewelry Design

2011 Halstead Grant Silver Finalist Kendra Renee Jewelry Design exudes elegance with stunning designs. Kendra Renee did not realize her passion as a jewelry artist until she became a metal-working apprentice during time in Florence, Italy when her creativity flourished. Her designs mainly focus on sterling silver, mixing brite finishes with a textured and/or oxidized focal piece.

Infinity Necklace
Wheel Hoops
Five Strand Cuff

"The body is my primary inspiration. I work to discover elegant, contemporary shapes that will complement and complete the wearer - her collar bone, her jaw line, her ring finger. My tools are the key. Each hammer, mandrel and pair of pliers creates its own shape or texture. I love dreaming up new ways to combine these basic elements into something exciting, fresh and inspiring to wear." -Kendra Renee

Prices range from $79 - $380. Kendra Renee jewelry is available for sale on the her website as well as in several fine galleries and stores across the the country.


2011 Copper Finalist Kelly Jones of Wraptillion has found a marvelous way to combine industrial aerospace hardware into wearable jewelry designs. She has created a jewelry line from re-purposed specialized hardware designed for steering assemblies and transmission housings, which she joins together using her favorite chainmaille techniques. The collection includes unforgettable titles such as: Alternating C-Ring Carbon Steel and Bronze Earrings, Asymmetrical Brass Stacked Washer Earrings, Overlapping Macroscopic Earrings and of course you can't forget, the C=CXC Earrings. Don't let these mechanical names fool you, her designs work in a beautifully feminine way.

Jones comes from a family of artists and engineers but she has always considered herself the "non-artistic one." She attended the University of Washington and earned her Masters in Library and Information Science. Writing was her love, and to keep her hands busy while she pondered her stories, she picked up some of her old hardware jewelry that she had saved from her college days and began to create new pieces.

Kelly's favorite materials are metals such as stainless steel and titanium. Prices on her Etsy site range from $30 - $155. She will be featured in an upcoming book titled "30-Minute Bracelets: 60 Quick & Creative Projects for Jewelers" by Marthe Le Van scheduled for publication on June 5, 2012. Her jewelry can be found in fine galleries and museum shops across the Northern United States.

Meet the winner of the 2011 Halstead Grant, Layne Jewelry Designs.

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