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Ananda Khalsa Jewelry

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry won the first Halstead Grant in 2006. Her combination of hand painted water colors with gold, silver and gemstones creates beautiful designs.

Check out some of the beautiful work by Ananda Khalsa Jewelry. She won the first Halstead Business Development Grant in 2006.

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry incorporates hand painted watercolors by Ananda Khalsa into sterling silver and high karat gold metalwork. These designs are rich with symbolism which helps buyers to intimately connect with the jewelry they choose.

Handpainted Oval Bluebird with Nest Necklace by Ananda Khalsa - 2019 Photo Update
Bluebird Nest Necklace
2019 Photo Update

I have a plum blossom necklace that is absolutely stunning. People notice it right away and the detail and clarity in the artwork amaze them. Each painting is very small - most are about one square inch. But, they leap out at you because of the bright colors and beautiful composition.

Boulder Opal Ring with 2 Diamonds by Ananda Khalsa - 2019 Photo Update
Boulder Opal Ring
2019 Photo Update

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry won the first Jewelry Design Business Development Grant awarded by Halstead Bead Inc in 2006. Since winning the award, Ananda's business has expanded dramatically. She sells her work in nearly 100 galleries and boutiques across the country. She is also regularly featured in magazines and promotions for fine American Craft events. Khalsa regularly shows with The Rosen Group, Paradise City, Boston Craft and ACC.

Handpainted Raven Petal Earrings by Ananda Khalsa - 2019 Photo Update
Raven Petal Earrings
2019 Photo Update

Khalsa is in the process of moving away from Providence, RI to resettle in Massachusetts this summer. We wish her much luck with the move and setting up a new studio.

Her jewelry is always on my wishlist and is now on the wishlists of all my girlfriends too. Note to husbands and boyfriends: These are definitely winning gifts!

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