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Fall Themed Jewelry Making Inspiration

Get inspired with these project ideas for fall jewelry making. Explore color, shapes and techniques with these fresh ideas.

The summer sun is nice, but there's just something exciting about Fall jewelry fashions. Maybe it's that first-day-of-school feeling, whether you're going back to school or not. Boots, hats and sweaters...layer them up and get cozy while making the perfect fall jewelry.

Fall's just around the corner, so we decided to make a few easy jewelry-making projects to kick-off this beautiful season. We've designed pieces that reflect on this season's colors with champagne CZ's, gold-filled chain accents on sterling silver and of course we've added lots of leaves. Enjoy the season!

Champagne CZ Necklace (skills: soldering, assembly, finishing & setting)

Champagne CZ necklace with y-link and leaf charms

For this project, we wanted to keep it simple but also have the champagne CZ pop. The color of the CZ matched perfectly with the Fall season and with the gold-filled accent leaves swinging back and forth it really all blended together nicely.

The original sketch had the piece on a finished cable necklace, but it made the chevron sag down and didn't quite fit with the y-link. We pulled a few other styles of finished jewelry chain and found the y-link hung perfectly on this twirled omega chain.

The part that took the longest was cleaning the y-link after the tube bezel was soldered on.


All-in-all it was less than 30 minutes from start to finish, minus the design updates.

Items used:

  • 1 = 16in, 1mm Twirled Omega Chain with Spring Ring (Item#: 2KMG816)
  • 2 = 14/20 Gold Filled 2.7x9.6mm Blade Leaflet Charm Drop (Item#: GF671)
  • 2 = 14/20 Gold Filled 4mm OD 20 gauge Hard Snap Jump Rings (Item#: GJH1)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver 4mm Tube Bezel Setting with Seat (Item#: S5024)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver Chevron V-Link or Similar Link
  • 1 = 4mm AAA Champagne Round CZ (Item#: CZ40CH)

Chained Spike Drops (skills: drilling, soldering, finishing & assembly)

This one was actually inspired by the spike blank. I loved the narrow, long shape and knew right away I wanted to attach gold-filled chain pieces to them. The great thing about the jump rings soldered on and the gold-filled jump rings left unsoldered is it allows you to change out the chain for other findings such as charms, blanks or drops.


Spake blank drop necklace and earrings


This project took 1 1/2 hours, but you can cut some of that time off by soldering all the jump rings onto the blanks at once.

Items used (necklace):

  • 1 = Sterling Silver 6mm Open Spring Ring, 1.3mm ID (Item#: S5613)
  • 2 = Sterling Silver Jump Ring 3mm OD 22 gauge Open (Item#: SJ63)
  • 1 = 4.8x23.8mm 24ga Spike Blank (No Hole) (Item#: SL254)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver 4mm OD 19ga Open Jump Rings (Item#: SJ94)
  • 2 = 14/20 Gold Filled Jump Rings 3mm OD 22 gauge, Open (Item#: GJ63)
  • .5in = 14/20 Gold Filled 1.6mm OD Flat Cable Footage Chain (Item#: 31018F)
  • 24in = Sterling Silver 2.3mm Figure 8 Footage Chain (Item#: 219C8)

Items used (earrings):

  • 2 = Sterling Silver Saucer or Flat Posts
  • 4 = Sterling Silver Jump Ring 3mm OD 22 gauge Open (Item#: SJ63)
  • 2 = 4.8x23.8mm 24ga Spike Blank (No Hole) (Item#: SL254)
  • 2 = Sterling Silver 4mm OD 19ga Open Jump Rings (Item#: SJ94)
  • 4 = 14/20 Gold Filled Jump Rings 3mm OD 22 gauge, Open (Item#: GJ63)
  • 1in = 14/20 Gold Filled 1.6mm OD Flat Cable Footage Chain (Item#: 31018F)
  • 4in = Sterling Silver 2.3mm Figure 8 Footage Chain (Item#: 219C8)

Marquise Fringe Necklace (skills: drilling, riveting & assembly)

Marquise fringe necklace

This front part of this piece is our popular marquise fringe chain. The blank fringes on this chain are perfect for adding stones, CZ's or charms. I riveted five sterling silver leaves onto the fringes to stay within the fall theme. I made the rivets tight, but the chain would look appealing with the leaves swinging as well.

Since I only wanted the front riveted I switched the chain to our marquise paperclip chain, added jump rings and a lobster claw and it was done.


This is a fast project that takes around 20-30 minutes from start to finish.

Items used:

  • 1 = Sterling Silver 4.9x8.2mm Lobster Claw(Item#: S154)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver Jump Ring 3mm OD 22 gauge Open (Item#: SJ63)
  • 4 = Sterling Silver 6mm OD 20 gauge Open Jump Ring (Item#: SJ86)
  • 5 = Sterling Silver 4.3x10.3mm Tiny Leaf Charm (Item#: S195)
  • 1in = Sterling Silver 18 gauge Half Hard Round Wire (Item#: SW18H)
  • 3.25in = Sterling Silver Marquise Fringe Chain or Similar Large Linked Chain
  • 16in =Sterling Silver 5.8mm Marquise Paperclip Chain (Item#: 2D106)

Falling Leaves (skills: assembly)

The final piece is an asymmetrical necklace that features a large veined leaf drop plus a small leaf end tassel both hanging from one end of a curved festoon link. On the left side of the image, there is a leafy link connecting two chain segments. This fun leafy necklace is finished with a spring ring. Asymmetrical leaf necklace


This is a quick assembly piece which took about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Items used:

  • 1 = Sterling Silver 6mm Open Spring Ring (Item#: S5613)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver Leaf or Branch Link 
  • 1 = Sterling Silver Large Leaf Drop
  • 1 = Sterling Silver 2.5x47.9mm Leaf End Simple Tassel (Item#: S6525)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver 2x47mm Solid Curved Tube Festoon Link (Item#: S6778)
  • 2 = Sterling Silver 4.5mm OD 20 gauge Open Jump Ring (Item#: SJ845)
  • 2 = Sterling Silver 5mm OD 19 gauge Open Jump Rings (Items#: SJ95)
  • 2 = Sterling Silver Jump Ring 3mm OD 22 gauge Open (Items#: SJ63)
  • 20in = Sterling Silver 3.3mm Small Double Rombo Chain Footage (Item#: 2K49)

Timeless Fall Trends for Jewelry Making

  • Fun shapes (triangles, chevrons, and more) are in the spotlight. Aztec, Ikat and herringbone prints are all graphic, geometric patterns that are prevalent in fashion and home decor right now. You can feel their echoes in these angular jewelry motifs.
  • Negative space and minimalist designs play a big role in the design. For example the framed area inside a triangle or the white space between two chevrons. Go minimal with a single element or link them together to create eye-catching jewelry.
  • The fall color palette includes a neutral background - especially golds - with lots of pops of color. Many popular gemstones play well with fall hues. 
  • Fall is all about layering. Three minimal necklaces, stacks of bracelets or hands full of rings are here to stay. Think about collections of pieces that can be worn together or separately for extra versatility. Lariats are coming back and fit right in with this look.
  • Earrings, in general, are getting a lot of attention, from studs to shoulder-grazing stunners. Fashion designers are showing single or mismatched earrings this season, too. You can keep it cohesive by offering two different earrings with the same motif such as triangles or botanicals.

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