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5 Fresh Jewelry Chain Styles

Explore 5 different jewelry chain styles you may have never tried before. Experiment with fresh new looks in your jewelry collection. ...

Check out five fresh jewelry chain styles to play with in your designer collection. Try something new to refresh your selection today.

We have loads of new sterling silver necklace chains from Italy with fresh new styles for your next jewelry design. Here are a few of our favorites, along with ideas and inspiration.

Ruthenium plated chain Ruthenium is our new favorite finish - it's a member of the platinum family of metals. Its flat black, gun-metal shine is a striking contrast next to polished metals. Our new diamond cut bead chain shows this off perfectly with silver accents on the black chain. Ruthenium is a perfect material in mixed metal jewelry and it's highly resistant to wear. Because ruthenium itself is hard and brittle, the plating process is slower and therefore more expensive. String a few oxidized silver charms onto a ruthenium-plated chain for a quick and easy ready-to-wear necklace.
Sequin chain Sequin chain is a vintage style chain with modern appeal. The decorative links provide eye-catching punctuation marks along the length of the chain. Fancier sequin styles pair beautifully with festoons and other focal elements. We also love the new sequin chains that are made of tiny disks linked together.
Popcorn chain Popcorn chain makes a beautiful, subtly textured backdrop for simple pendants and drops. It's hollow and lightweight, so you get a larger chain for your money. The chain is very flexible and each segment catches the light as it moves.
Foxtail chain Foxtail chain has a woven or braided look that creates a substantial looking chain, even at small diameters. It has more of a textile feel than rope-style chains, but can be used similarly. It's highly flexible and has a great drape, whether you're using the round or flat styles.
Bead chain Bead chain is a perennial bestseller, so we've added larger styles to our mix. The larger beads give you more options to let the chain play a larger role in the overall look of your necklace. We love bead chain for its simple, versatile style, especially when paired with hand-stamped pendants or collections of charms.

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Written By: Katie Hacker
Katie Hacker: Host of Beads Baubles Jewels