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How to Market Your Jewelry on Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for marketing your jewelry collection! Learn how to harness the most popular social media platform for your jewelry business.

Marketing jewelry on Facebook isn’t always an easy task, but with a few tips you’ll be well on your way to success.

Marketing your jewelry business on Facebook is worth your time! Facebook is sometimes seen as a lesser option to Instagram, but this platform will continue to be a vital part of your marketing strategy. It still has the largest user base and reaches a majority of many business' target audiences - including some that other social media may not. Business accounts especially have unique tools that can help them grow their brand and audience, make sales, and provide quick customer service.

Facebook for Business Page
Halstead Facebook Business Dashboard

We talked to a couple jewelers who have tried using Facebook for their business. Susan Frerichs, founder of Susan Elnora Jewelry, and Nikki Nation, founder of Nikki Nation Jewelry, have seen both the positives and frustrations of using Facebook. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I tried Facebook advertising, but it didn't really lead to sales.
  • I use Facebook by connecting it to Instagram and doing shared posts, but it's not my primary social media tool.
  • My business posts have a smaller reach on Facebook than Instagram.

Use Facebook's Business Tools

Halstead's Marketing Project Manager, Kelli Vanyek Greene, suggests that your personal page is a great place to promote your business while also showing your personality and lifestyle; but, the business page should be solely about your business and your trade. Marketing jewelry on Facebook works best when you use both pages in tandem to maximize the strengths of each one.

Susan has found the best part about having a business page is the messenger function. The most practical use is that it makes it easy for customers to contact her quickly. The messenger app actually has a lot of uses besides a simple contact point. Businesses can access tools such as enabling transactions, acquiring customers and more.

Nikki Nation Jewelry Facebook
Linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts makes maintenance easy. This post notes the source as "Instagram."

Another great feature, as Nikki points out, is that she can connect her Instagram and Facebook business accounts. This means you can easily share photos between the two accounts. So if you really liked a picture on Instagram, put it on Facebook too! Once they're connected, it's automatic to share between platforms.

Paid Advertising

Halstead Ad on Facebook
Its easy to advertise by clicking "Boost Post" on an existing post.

The world of PPC (pay per click) marketing is complicated, but Facebook tries to make it simpler while still providing great tools. Facebook demographics cover a large variety of the population, but their advertising has amazing audience targeting features that can help pinpoint your best leads by more than just geography and demographics. Tailor a campaign based on interests or behaviors that run parallel to your business. Play with the custom audience tools to create a narrowed-down group. Here at Halstead, we've found that Facebook advertising also gives you great bang for your buck. It can be more affordable than Google with great data you can use to track how ads are driving sales for you. Facebook makes it easy to "boost" any of your current posts as an ad campaign, which means you don't have to spend time making extra ads.

Shop Function

Part of marketing your jewelry on Facebook is allowing customers to easily purchase your products. You can set up an online store within Facebook to further engage with prospects. List a small selection of items to provide a sampling of your work and drive sales. Facebook shopping is intended to cultivate your audience and gain clients, as opposed to impulse buys. At Halstead, we've seen better results with both traffic and purchases from Facebook rather than Instagram. Kelli points out that you can include so much more information about a product. So if someone clicks through, they already have a good amount of knowledge and may be more likely to buy. With less information, you may see more traffic but they may not be as serious about buying and simply wanting more details about the product.

Susan Elnora Facebook
When someone visits your profile, they can click the blue "Shop Now" button to view your catalog of products.

This is also the same shop you'd setup for Instagram, so you can get your products on both platforms with ease.

Scheduling Tools

Facebook has a built-in scheduling tool to make your day-to-day work easier. The most successful pages tend to use a mix of pre-scheduled posts and spur of the moment posts. Use the scheduler for some of your regular posts such as photos of jewelry, planned releases, your upcoming schedule, etc. Then add in posts when you're at a show or have something of special interest to share. By scheduling your month (or so) in advance, you only need to take an hour or two for scheduling rather than remembering to post everyday! However, you still need to be responsive. Schedulers aren't an auto-pilot option. You'll need to be able to respond to any questions or comments as they come.


Customers want reviews when purchasing from a company for the first time. Jewelers are subject to extra scrutiny because of the nature of our products. Facebook's company review feature can help to give you the social proof you need to convert browsers into buyers without having to add additional software to your own website. Facebook reviews are also used in Google algorithms. This means they can appear on the search results page right alongside your company information.


Analytics Facebook Provides
Available Insights on Your Facebook Business Page

Use. Your. Analytics. (Or as Facebook calls them, insights.) We can't stress this enough. What's the point of putting time and effort into marketing your jewelry on Facebook if you don't judge how successful it was?

Facebook provides all the data you need to make this part of your social media marketing easy. Track your number of followers and likes, how many page views you've received, the engagement on each post. You'll also find the data for any paid campaigns you're running. As you gain experience, you'll be able to decipher what all this data means for your marketing strategy. Did some of your posts receive a large amount of engagement compared to others? See if you can replicate it! Try to find what worked so well about that post - the type (image vs text vs video), the background of the visual, the subject, etc. This may take a while to figure out (we have some posts at Halstead we're still trying to figure out what made them so successful). You can also track the shop activity of people who have made purchases straight from Facebook.

The trick with these insights is to look at the big picture. You can set the time to different lengths - 1 week, 1 month, 1 quarter. Certain analytics will need different times. For example, the number of followers is going to fluctuate day to day and you may have a bad week that didn't gain many. Looking at the week view will probably make you a little sad. For this, look at one of the longer time frames so you can see the overall trend of followers. To see how successful your posts have been, you may want to look at the shorter time frame since most activity happens quickly here.

The most important thing to remember though is don't let the negative weeks get to you! Use these as a learning tool so you know which type of content might not apply to your followers as much. Celebrate the good weeks, but don't let it trick you into complacency.

Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Video is quickly becoming the preferred means of media consumption (YouTube has even overtaken Facebook as the second most popular website). In response, Facebook has made a notable shift to make the platform more video friendly. If you haven't started thinking about a video strategy yet, now is definitely the time.

Here's a few statistics from Hootsuite to help you decide:

  • People gaze five times longer at video than at static posts.
  • The average engagement rate for Facebook video posts is 6.01% (which is 2% higher than the average for all posts)
  • 30% of mobile shoppers say video is the best medium for discovering new products (with millennials more likely than boomers)
Video on Facebook
Facebook has a tab for YouTube integration so followers can see your videos without ever leaving Facebook.

The best part is that video doesn't have to be a huge production! Your videos don't need to be 10 minute professional movies to successfully market your jewelry on Facebook. They can be simpler, depending on your audience: A quick clip of your jewelry moving in the light, a short peek at your process (or if you have the software, a time-lapse of a longer process), or even a quick video of you showing off your jewelry collection can work. Truly, for Facebook, you want to keep your videos simpler unless you're going to try out Facebook Watch. People scrolling through their news feeds likely aren't going to want to watch a 5+ minute video. If you want to make longer videos, put them on YouTube with a short teaser video for social media and a link to the full video.

Create Facebook Events

Facebook Event Screenshot
A Previous Halstead Facebook Event

Posts from pages may get buried on Facebook, but events go straight to the top of feeds and often end up in user's notifications. Use the Facebook events scheduler to promote your upcoming trunk shows, collection launches and sales. Add images and post directly in the event listing to spur engagement. Events are one of the most effective tools available on Facebook.

Take your Facebook marketing offline! At Halstead, Kelli has found events are effective to promote any of our upcoming live videos and conferences we attend, but believes they provide a great service to artists selling at show or markets as well. Get the word out that you will be selling somewhere! It can be the perfect way for you to meet clients and create a connection with them beyond the computer screen. Susan has used events and found that customers have come to a show because they heard about it on Facebook.

Be Social

The whole point of maintaining a Facebook page (or any social media) is to be able to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Although your business page should be strictly business and industry related, make it personalized! People scrolling through their newsfeed don't want their pages to advertise to them - they get ads everywhere else.

Marketing your jewelry on Facebook will be more successful if your followers are able to see more than just photos of jewelry with prices and links to buy. Let people know what you're working on in your studio. Give your followers an exclusive sneak peek of a new collection or item (people feel really special and connected when you tell them it's "exclusive").

You have friends in the industry, work together to promote each other! You'll be able to reach an even bigger audience by tagging another jeweler in your post. Be sure to tag any pages of shows you participate in so people will know you're there.

You don't need to be a marketing genius to leverage Facebook to work for your business. Be yourself, be social and use the tools provided to generate the type of content your followers want to see.

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