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5 Reasons We Love Nylon Tipped Pliers for Jewelry Making

We give you the top 5 reasons we love nylon tipped pliers, as well as the cons. Are they right for you? We'll let you decide, but I still love them.

All of the Halstead employees love nylon pliers! Find out all of the reasons why in this popular blog post we've recently updated in 2019.

Nylon tipped pliers are one of my favorite jewelry making tools. I picked up my first pair specifically for the purpose of straightening jewelry wire during wire wrapping but I have found many other benefits along the way. Nylon pliers are wonderful when doing general work with fine gauge wire 24ga or smaller plus hard metal pliers are more likely to scratch the material or work harden it more quickly. They are also great for gripping items with shiny surfaces so you don't scratch them. I frequently find myself picking them up instead of my metal pliers and here's why.


Top 5 Reasons I use Nylon Tipped Pliers:

  1. Won't mar or dent your metal
  2. Easily straightens thinner gauged wire
  3. Grips sheet and wire
  4. Gently opens and closes jump rings
  5. Perfect for wire wrapping projects


My Favorite Nylon Tipped Pliers:


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That being said, these are wonderful tools that will get a lot of use in your studio. They may even become favorites! Have you tried them yet and what do you think of them? Let us know your feedback in the comments.



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