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Tube Setting with Melissa Muir

Learn how to make fast and gorgeous tube set earrings with Melissa Muir!

Learn how to make fast and gorgeous tube set earrings with Melissa Muir!

Check out the sweet sparkling earrings Metalsmith Melissa Muir created using our Tube Bezel Setting Tool, sterling silver tube bezel settings and CZ loose stones. Nice work, Melissa!

The Tube Bezel Setting Tool makes it easy to set your own calibrated stones. It's available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm to correspond with the same size of pre-made tube settings in sterling silver or 14kt gold. The inside of the tool is perfectly polished to ensure a professional looking finish on your jewelry piece.

In the video, Melissa demonstrates soldering the tube bezel settings onto star blanks, then sets the CZ loose stones inside the tube bezel settings. Melissa uses a circular motion with a rawhide hammer to tap the setting down, but you can also strike downward with a brass hammer. Either method secures the stones and preserves the finish of the settings.

You can use the Tube Bezel Setting Tool to add tube-set stones to a variety of jewelry designs, from bangles to pendants and more. We love seeing what you make! Share your pix on Facebook or Instagram.

Got questions? Email our studio coordinator Erica Stice at studio@halsteadbead.com. We’d love to hear from you. Sorry, studio support is not available by phone. Emails only please.

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