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Out of Stock Jewelry Supplies? Let Us Help You! Halstead FAQs

It is frustrating when jewelry supplies are out of stock. Learn how Halstead can help you troubleshoot availability disruptions.

We know how frustrating out of stock supplies can be! Here are 4 tips to improve your shopping experience when the jewelry supplies you need are out of stock.

We're glad you're here! Small business is our passion at Halstead. We are a family-owned company just like most of our customers. We know the value of hard work, loyalty and integrity. It is our mission to support small businesses every day with great product selection, world-class service and important industry information. It is frustrating when jewelry supplies are out of stuck; but, we are here to help.

We know it is difficult when the item you want is out of stock. There are a number of options for dealing with this problem. We want to fill you in on reasons why stock-outs occur and strategies to avoid disruptions to your business.

Halstead President Hilary Halstead Scott says, "We hate out of stocks as much as customers do. It's one of the biggest frustrations for our customers and for us. It's something we're always trying to prevent but there are a lot of variables at play. We're always trying to adapt."

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What to Do When Your Item is Out of Stock

ETA is on the Product Page

If an item is out of stock, the product detail page will give an estimated time of arrival. Be sure to click on the thumbnail image to see this important information. We receive shipments every single day. Sometimes, out-of-stock items may be arriving the same day, so they can make it into your order. If arrival is just a few days away, ask a Customer Service Specialist if stock will be available and can be included with your order. Otherwise, let us know if you want to backorder your item or be notified when it arrives. Customer service is also happy to help you find an alternative item if you need something right away. If the ETA is not listed on the product page, your customer service representative can give you an estimate for your item.

Backorders are Easy

We do not automatically backorder because some customers do not prefer it, but we are happy to do so upon request. If you are ordering online, please note "Backorder" in the comment section. If you're ordering by phone, just let your customer service representative know. Eligible backordered items less than $100 will be shipped domestic via 1st class mail for free. Backordered items valued over $100 receive a $5 shipping discount on any method you choose. International backorders receive a $5 discount. We do not charge for the backordered item until we ship it out to you.

We recommend backordering because it will reserve stock for you as soon as a shipment arrives. Customer service will contact you for shipping instructions and to collect payment for the item at the current daily market before the shipment goes out. Backorders also give us important data on which items are in demand at what quantities. That way, we can adjust our purchasing to improve stock levels as needed.

Hold for Stock is Available

If something is out of stock but is on its way, we can hold your order for a few days upon request. For international orders, we will hold for stock for one week maximum. Ask a customer service representative if you are interested. You can call or text us at 800-528-0535 or email

Let Us Know

We see sourcing as a partnership. The more information we have from you, the more we can help you. If you know you will need larger volumes of an item than you have used in the past, give us a heads up whenever possible. We will use that feedback to prepare. If an item is critical to your order, tell us. We will make sure that is noted and try to meet your needs as best we can. If you have questions on availability and lead times, just ask. Sometimes our service representatives can give you valuable insights. For example, one jump ring may be very difficult to source but we might have a close alternative that is extremely consistent. We can help you make informed decisions on items. Many of our client relationships go back decades because we will work with customers to solve problems. Help us to help you!

Why Do Products Go Out of Stock?

Demand varies. Our inventory levels are based on past sales and our best educated guesses about market trends. Even with tons of planning, unexpectedly large sales can wipe out a product and leave it out of stock. Remember when the infinity link craze started? Buyers had to hustle to keep those on the shelves. Trends in jewelry happen fast!

Jewelry demand is notoriously volatile. Usage varies dramatically with fashion, seasons and jeweler habits. We're grateful when we receive large orders, but it can throw things out of balance for a little while. We have some clients who will order from us just once per year at large volumes with different items each year. When trends pick up, clients will often call and take all our available inventory on best-selling items. Our inventory specialists react as quickly as possible in those situations but our responsiveness is subject to the limitations of manufacturing.

Lead times are challenging in manufacturing, especially as vendors and manufacturers recover from shortages that can delay lead times. Many of the items we sell are made to order. Your favorite sterling chain? The manufacturer keeps the wire on the spool until they receive an order. Then, they feed the wire into special machines that turn it into chain. That gold-filled star charm? It exists as sheet until an order is received and multiple shapes are cut out. It takes time to make the items you need and orders may have to wait in a queue for production.

Depending on the manufacturer, it can take anywhere from one day to three months to get an item back in stock. You can imagine how stock-outs can snowball if we get a sudden, unprecedented order and we can't get more stock in for eight weeks.

Thank you for shopping with us and for your patience when your item is out of stock. Please understand that stock-outs are just as frustrating for us as they are for you and we will work with you to meet your needs. Remember that we're here to help! Call, text or email and our customer service representatives will assist you.

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Q: I really appreciate & love this inside look. It really does help me understand YOUR process better—thank you!! I also didn’t realize how much customer service/assistance was available for our own
sourcing. Just makes me love you more! THANK YOU!

A: Yay! That’s exactly what we love to hear. Thank you!

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