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Tutorial: 5 Tips to Improve Search Results on the Halstead Jewelry Supplies Website

We have received your feedback and we appreciate all your comments and suggestions! Our IT team is actively working on improvements to searc

Having trouble searching on our site? Here are our 5 tips for an easy search.

We have received your feedback and we appreciate all your comments and suggestions! Our IT team is actively working on improvements to search so your can find items quickly and easily. It is a top priority. Please understand that it is a complex task that will take time. In the meantime, please review the following 5 tips to improve your experience.

1. Metal Search

Halstead search options To search by metal such as sterling silver or gold-filled please visit our new navigation portal called Shop Your Way. Bookmark it if you like or you can always access it from the footer on all our website pages. This portal offers you several different ways to begin your navigation experience and then you can filter down your results with the left-hand filter pane.

2. Keyword Search

Screenshot of Halstead menu and search bar
You will get the best results if you can search by critical words or brief phrases. Note that text or phrase search uses "contains" logic. So, if you input "5mm" you will get results including 6.5mm, 22.5mm, and 1.5mm because all include the character string "5mm." Similarly, if you input "cap" you will get results including bead cap, end caps, and capsule. Words must appear in the item descriptions for them to show up in search results.

Also, keep in mind that some searches are particularly difficult. For example, "jump ring" is a phrase that is in the product descriptions for many charms, finished chains and links because those items include jump rings. You will have similar issues with lobster clasps or spring rings. For this type of product, you are better off using the site navigation menus at the top of the web page.

3. Stock Number Search

If you are searching by stock number, the search box recognizes the beginning of stock numbers but not the middle or the end. You will get good results if you enter "31018" to find all our gold-filled cable chains in that stock number series. However, if you input "18" to find 18-inch chains, you would instead get a huge list of items that include the characters "18" anywhere in the descriptions or stock numbers.

Under finished neck chain, you can search by length. The Chain Length Group can be found on the left-hand column on the page. This section groups finished chain by length, so you can quickly find the style you love and the length you need!

Chain length group search

4. Measurement Search

Screenshot of Halstead search bar

Our previous website strictly limited the length of description fields so we had to abbreviate a lot of information to fit in critical measurements. We are working to edit the descriptions on all 6,000 of our items but it is a big project! In the meantime, if you search "24 gauge," for example, you may get incomplete results because many of our item descriptions use the abbreviation "ga" and do not have the full word "gauge." Try a couple of versions of the same search to get more complete results. You can find this search bar at the top of every page.

5. Use the Singular Word

Words and characters must exist in the item descriptions to show up in search results. So, if you search for "bead" you will get more results than if you search for "beads" because the four characters in the word "bead" are also in "beads," but not vice-versa. We recommend using the singular form wherever possible such as a bead, cap, jump ring, clasp, or chain instead of beads, caps, jump rings, clasps or chains.

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