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Learn how to buy jewelry supplies at the right price in the quantities you need in this introductory article for new jewelry makers or small businesses.
March 22, 2018

New Jeweler's Tips for Buying Jewelry Supplies

New jewelers often find themselves jumping from a well-stocked school studio or pre-assembled kits to an empty home studio. Once you're ready to stock your own jewelry studio, read our tips for buying jewelry supplies.

Jewelry metalsmithing is an art. But, to have a career in the jewelry field, you will need to focus on how to sell. Learn a new mindset today.
March 22, 2018

Sell is Not a Four Letter Word: Making a Living in Jewelry

Learn a new mindset to make a living in jewelry and build a career in this exciting field. Take your art to the next level and build success on your own terms.

Take a jewelry making class from one of Halstead's Preferred Teachers. Find classes at shows and retreats or in studios around the country.
January 23, 2018

Best Jewelry Teachers in the USA: Halstead's Preferred Teacher Classes List

Looking for a great jewelry making class experience? Check out our list of the best jewelry teachers in the USA who regularly travel to different locations around the country to teach new makers.

Pricing your jewelry can be one of the trickiest aspects to running a jewelry business. We've created a guide to help you make sure you are not only covering your costs, but making a living while doing what you love.
October 09, 2017

Pricing Your Jewelry

Pricing your jewelry can be one of the trickiest aspects of running a jewelry business. We've created an interactive tool and accompanying free webinar to help you make sure you are not only covering your costs but making a living wage.

We were proud to host Marthe Le Van of Mora Contemporary Jewelry Gallery as a recent guest judge for the Halstead Grant. Learn about her and her career.
May 09, 2017

Marthe Le Van, Jewelry Advocate and Expert

Introducing Marthe Le Van, jewelry advocate and our guest judge for the 12th annual Halstead Grant.

In this instructional video, Casey Sheppart demonstrates a basic line fold forming technique for metalsmithing. Explore tools and materials in this guide.
May 02, 2017

Metalsmithing Fold Forming with Casey Sheppard

In this Halstead video, Casey Sheppard demonstrates fold forming metalmsithing techniques and tools in the jewelry studio.

We have received your feedback and we appreciate all your comments and suggestions! Our IT team is actively working on improvements to searc
December 10, 2016

Tutorial: 5 Tips to Improve Search Results on the Halstead Jewelry Supplies Website

Having trouble searching on our site? Here are our 5 tips for an easy search.

Jeff Fulkerson lists innovative ideas for supplies to use in your jewelry studio. Simple household items can become your new favorite tools!
July 05, 2016

Around the Studio with Jeff Fulkerson

Jeff Fulkerson shares clever ideas for using supplies you might not expect to see on a jeweler's bench, plus, tips for using some of your old favorites.

Learn about surface finishes used on jewelry to improve products or create interesting visual effects. Educate yourself to be a resource for your clients.
May 10, 2016

Metal Surface Finishes on Manufactured Findings

Do you have questions regarding jewelry finishes? What layers or effects are added to jewelry items? Learn about metal plating, anti-tarnish treatments, tool texture effects, and patinas in our latest article.

In this age of ecommerce, phone service still provides vital benefits. Let us help you problem solve for your jewelry business. Get bupplies fast!
October 06, 2015

Call Halstead Service: Why We Aren't Just Online

Online ordering is great but we miss connecting with our customers and here's why. Call Halstead service to see how we can help you with your latest jewelry business challenges.

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