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Learn the tips and tricks to soldering copper and brass! Understand the material, soldering challenges and a few technical problems that may occur.
March 12, 2019

Soldering Copper & Brass Metals in the Jewelry Studio

by Erica Stice

Copper and brass are fun materials to work with in the jewelry studio. They are beautiful in their own right and they are perfect for learning new techniques. But, soldering these metals raises unique issues in design and technical execution. Learn more from our studio coordinator, Erica Stice.

Learn to make a metal rose flower ring with basic metalsmithing techniques in this tutorial guide from Halstead's Kelli Vanyek.
October 30, 2017

Make a Copper Rose Ring in Seven Easy Steps!

by Erica Stice

There are lots of possibilities with this metal rose flower ring made from copper sheet. Have fun with this light soldering project by our own Kelli Vanyek!

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