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What makes handmade jewelry so different from mass-produced? Learn about the different types and some of the techniques for each one.
May 24, 2019

Handmade Jewelry: Types and Techniques

by Ashley Maldonado

Curious what makes handmade jewelry so different from mass-produced? Learn about the different categories of handmade jewelry and some of the techniques for each one.

Metalsmith Melissa Muir gives tips on working with jewelry wire and a step-by-step guide on how to create a wire cuff.
May 09, 2019

Jewelry Wire Work Tips from Melissa Muir

by Kelli Vanyek Greene

Learn wire jewelry frame fabrication tips from one of our preferred studio teachers, Melissa Muir. She shows you step by step how to make this gorgeous wire work cuff using Halstead’s Sterling silver supplies and a beautiful cabochon!

Have you ever had your solder just ball up and refuse to flow or not even ball up at all? Possibly your metal turned bright red, but that li
April 23, 2019

Top 5 Reasons Silver Solder Doesn't Flow

by Erica Stice

Solder not flowing? Find out the reasons why. Jewelry soldering can be frustrating at times, but with the right knowledge, you can quickly troubleshoot the problems.

Learn the tips and tricks to soldering copper and brass! Understand the material, soldering challenges and a few technical problems that may occur.
March 12, 2019

Soldering Copper & Brass Metals in the Jewelry Studio

by Erica Stice

Copper and brass are fun materials to work with in the jewelry studio. They are beautiful in their own right and they are perfect for learning new techniques. But, soldering these metals raises unique issues in design and technical execution. Learn more from our studio coordinator, Erica Stice.

Learn tips for chain finishing to make necklaces or other jewelry from bulk footage chain lengths. See how to solder chains for secure clasp connections.
August 28, 2017

Tips for Chain End Finishing

by Erica Stice

Find instructions and tips on finishing footage chain! Large and small chain links are covered including different chain styles and finishing techniques.

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine recently featured a bangle bracelet making project by Halstead Studio Coordinator, Erica Stice.
August 02, 2017

Erica Stice's Bangle, Bracelet, and LJJA Article!

by Mercedes Berg

Erica Stice's bangle bracelet making project was featured in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.

Richard Salley explores a recent jewelry design that incorporated a broken stone that might have otherwise been discarded, a trash to treasure inspiration.
June 13, 2017

Richard Salley: How the Light Gets In Jewelry Interview

by Katie Hacker

This week, read our interview with jewelry artist Richard Salley about a beautiful example of bezel-setting a cracked stone that might otherwise have been discarded.

Flex shaft attachments can be overwhelming! Learn which ones you need in your jewelry studio along with techniques and tips for jewelry finishing.
May 02, 2017

Flex Shaft Attachments for Finishing

by Erica Stice

A flex shaft (or Dremel) rotary is one of the most indispensable metalsmithing tools in the jewelry studio . We use flex shafts for sanding, polishing, cutting and drilling. They shave time off in the studio so we can move on to other projects. I love our flex shaft but ...

This article includes three awesome torch tips to help you with your soldering skills. There's also a section on maintaining your torch tip, as well.
November 07, 2016

3 Torch Tips for Soldering Jewelry

by Hilary Halstead Scott

Understanding how your torch tip works helps you understand jewelry soldering. Learn how to adjust your soldering torch tip to make your project easier.

Learn how to make cool granular silver stacking rings embellished with beaded ball accents in this easy tutorial to start soldering and fabricating jewelry.
June 07, 2016

Granular Stacking Rings Tutorial

by Erica Stice

Do you love granular stacking rings? Read our latest tutorial blog and watch our granule video so you can start making them today!