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Studio Art Degrees with a concentration in Metals/Jewelry Ball State University BFA & MFA Visual Arts - Metals Concentration Associate Profe
September 27, 2019

Studio Art Degrees with Jewelry Concentration

by Kelli Vanyek Greene

Are you interested in completing a bachelors degree in fine arts? There are so many great schools across the country that offer studio art programs that have a concentration in small metals and jewelry.

Curator Bella Neyman gave some great tips on showing your collection in jewelry exhibitions and some new ideas on where to look for one.
May 14, 2019

How to Use Jewelry Exhibition Opportunities to Build Your Business

by Bella Neyman

Being an artist isn’t easy, not only do you need to make work but then you also have to sell it. How do you stand out in the competitive jewelry space? Read Bella Neyman's advice on using jewelry exhibitions as a strategy for getting exposure for your brand.

Learn about the top 10 cash flow culprits for jewelry businesses from Mariel Diaz and her recommendations on how to improve your business to avoid them.
January 02, 2019

10 Cash Flow Culprits in your Jewelry Business

by Mariel Diaz

Check out this guest article from Mariel Diaz. Her financial tips for jewelry business owners will help you keep your business on track and earning money.

Michael David Sturlin is sharing his advice on jewelry pricing strategy for your small business. Help your jewelry studio grow with these tips.
November 06, 2018

Pricing Strategy Tips for Jewelry Business Profitability

by Michael David Sturlin

Check out this guest article from Michael David Sturlin inspired by his experience as a Halstead Grant guest juror this year. Learn new ways to think about pricing your work strategically instead of just blindly applying a formula that may undermine the finances of your business.

Learn about Halstead's Jewelry Quality Assurance Program using precious metal lab testing as part of a regular quality control plan.
October 30, 2018

Halstead Lab Testing for Quality Control: A Jewelry Quality Assurance Program

by Ashley Maldonado

We understand you only want to give your customers the best. That’s why we take great care in our jewelry quality assurance so all items we sell are up to standards. In addition to only buying from reputable vendors, we send items for quality control lab testing. Read more about our quality control procedures.

Laboratory-grown diamonds are a great alternative to naturally mined stones. In this article, we discuss what these stones are and why they're great for jewelry.
October 23, 2018

5 Reasons to Choose Laboratory-Grown Diamonds and Colored Stones

by Ashley Maldonado

Laboratory-grown diamonds and gemstones are an ethical, affordable way for jewelers to add sparkle to their jewelry collections. Find out why these stones make the perfect alternative to natural mined stones.

Learn how to start your new jewelry business from expert Tracy Matthews of Flourish & Thrive. Avoid feeling overwhelmed with these top tips for success.
August 07, 2018

How to Start a Jewelry Business the Right Way

by Tracy Matthews

Turn your love of jewelry making into a business! Tracy Matthews from Flourish & Thrive Academy and Thrive by Design provides a thorough checklist on how to make a successful jump from jewelry making as a hobby to jewelry making as a business.

Halstead is proud to support jewelry events such as retreats and symposiums across the country. Our amazing jewelry community is doing great
February 19, 2018

2019 Jewelry Events: Conferences, Retreats & Symposiums

by Katie Hacker

Jewelry making events, retreats and symposiums are all around the country! They offer great classes to help you expand your skill set and even better networking opportunities to connect with fellow jewelers. You may even see a happy Halstead face at some of these events!

Take a jewelry making class from one of Halstead's Preferred Teachers. Find classes at shows and retreats or in studios around the country.
January 23, 2018

Best Jewelry Teachers in the USA: Halstead's Preferred Teacher Classes List

by Hilary Halstead Scott

Looking for a great jewelry making class experience? Check out our list of the best jewelry teachers in the USA who regularly travel to different locations around the country to teach new makers.

Emilie Shapiro discusses her jewelry business and her new book to help new jewelers in this interview with Hilary Halstead Scott.
January 30, 2017

Q&A with Jewelry Designer Emilie Shapiro

by Hilary Halstead Scott

Hilary Halstead Scott interviews Emilie Shapiro to discuss her brand new book: How to Create Your Own Jewelry Line.