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by Ashley Maldonado

Add Permanent Bracelets to Your Jewelry Collection

Permanent bracelets have taken off! Easily add this fun experience to your jewelry business offerings with these tips.

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by Sylvie Alusitz

Advanced Earring Post Soldering Techniques

Studio Coordinator Sylvie Alusitz gives you strategies for advanced earring post soldering. Whether your designs are irregularly shaped or you’re in production mode, follow along to make more involved post soldering a breeze.

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by Janelle Hinesley

Editing & Clipping Your Jewelry Photos

In this article, we’ll go over why you should edit your jewelry photos before posting them online as well as how to clip them with the best free software options available!

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by Kelli Vanyek Greene

Beginner Jewelry Making Projects

If you are interested in jewelry making but are new to the craft it can be intimidating to know where to begin. To get you started we have compiled a list of 8 great beginner jewelry making projects!

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by Erica Stice

How To Make A Hinge For Jewelry

Inspired by the 2018 Halstead Design Challenge, learn how to make a basic knuckle hinge in your jewelry designs using tubing, sheet and wire.

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by Hilary Halstead Scott

Guide to Hand Stamping Metal Blank Options

From durability to price, check out our guide to metal blanks for making hand stamped jewelry.

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