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Jennifer Heebner is the part-time executive director for the Cultured Pearl Association of America, where she helps promote pearls through articles, social media, marketing initiatives, and an international design contest. Jennifer doubles as an award-winning journalist who has been covering fine jewelry and fashion for more than 23 years and has long been a proponent of sustainable and beautiful pearls and the people behind the gems. Jennifer is based in New York City, where she routinely meets with industry leaders and brands, and travels to major international trade shows to maintain a pulse on the market. She also writes about designers, private collections, and business features for her own consumer-focused editorial website at jenniferheebner.com, The GemGuide, Rapaport, and is the editor in chief of The Jewelry Book.

Articles by Jennifer

5 Reasons Why Pearls Are the Champion of Gemstone Sustainability

Pearls and cultured pearls are champions of the sustainability movement in jewelry. Learn more about these beautiful jewelry options from guest author Jennifer Heebner of the Cultured Pearl Association of America and sign up for a free online pearls course.

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